Nas Flexes Investment Portfolio Dominance

When people discuss notable hip-hop entrepreneurs, it’s not often that Nas’ name comes up in the early stages of the conversation. Yet in reality, he probably should, considering the fact that he remains one of the rap game’s shrewdest investors. Case in point, his Queensbridge Venture Partners company has made notable investments in Dropbox, Ring, Parachute, SeatGeek, General Assembly, Robinhood, Casper, Pillpack, and Pluto TV among others — many of which have paid out quite favorably for the legendary lyricist.


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Yesterday night, Nas’ manager Anthony Saleh, otherwise known by his Instagram handle Dudebro, took a moment to highlight the impressive nature of his partner’s investment portfolio. “Nas would beat any artist in a tech investment portfolio Verzuz,” he wrote, a message that went on to catch Nas’ attention. “I agree,” added the Queensbridge lyricist, who seems to recognize exactly how dominant he is in this particular field of business. 

Though many were rightfully impressed by Nas’ flex, others used the opportunity of seeing his name and Verzuz in the same sentence to fantasize about their own potential musical match-ups. Naturally, Nas has been a frequently-requested contender in Tim and Swizzy’s friendly competition, though only a select number of artists would stand a remote chance of keeping stride. Basically, Nas excels whether the hypothetical Verzuz battle criteria centers on music or investment portfolio — if that’s not the making of a true GOAT contender, what is? 

Travis Scott Feeds 50K Houston Residents Amidst Texas’ Historic Freeze

While rappers such as Asian Doll have spoken out against their hometowns, Travis Scott has been showing major love to Houston and ensuring that its residents aren’t suffering amidst the state’s harsh winter conditions. In a selfless move by the Astroworld artist, it appears that he is doing everything that he can to uplift his hometown as the city endures the brutal winter storm, which also perfectly coincides with his new 2021 goal of becoming a better person.

According to TMZ, Travis Scott and his Cactus Jack Foundation have teamed up with Houston’s municipal staff, local nonprofits, and operating restaurants to launch an emergency food program that will feed 50,000 residents who’ve been impacted by Texas’ historic freeze. As a result of several Houston residents enduring ridiculously low temperatures, not having access to water, and suffering from power outages, the Rodeo rapper‘s latest humanitarian effort is focused on delivering warm meals to thousands of the families that have been affected.

A volunteer loads food into a car during the Houston Food Bank food distribution
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Starting earlier this Friday, Travis Scott’s food deliveries have been taking place all over the city, and TMZ also reports that in addition to the warm meals being dispersed across Houston, residents have also been given clean water. Our thoughts are with all of the residents of Houston and Texas who are suffering through Texas’ historic freeze.


Kanye West Paid Millions For His ’20 Presidential Run


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Chloe X Halle’s ‘Ungodly Hour’ Video’s Visuals Are Unforgettable

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City Girls’ JT Ends The Plastic Surgery Talk

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Lil Yachty Gets Emotional Over Migos’ Next Album

Lil Yachty Still Boo'd Up Selfie

Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty is getting everybody hyped. He went online to get emotional with it and let fans know how good hip-hop trio Migos‘ next album is. Lil Yachty Gets Fans Hyped For New Migos Music Lil Yachty took to his Twitter to show love to the star group. He let it be known […]

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Snoop Dogg Threatens Switch To Soulja Boy Console

EA is no stranger to fielding scorn from the gaming community. Yet a threat from Snoop Dogg carries more weight than that of the average irate gamer. An ardent online competitor in his own right, Snoop recently found his quiet-night-in disrupted by a server outage, one that left him incapable of engaging in his fierce Madden rivalries. As such, he took to Instagram to issue the gaming corporation an ultimatum, one that found him looking toward different — though not necessarily greener — pastures.

Snoop Dogg

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images 

“EA, you n***as got thirty-minutes to get them servers back on,” warns Snoop. “If you don’t, I’m switching to the Soulja Boy Console. I know that n***a got some games on that muthafucka that work. Soulja Boy, hit your uncle up. Draco! You got Madden on your shit? Cause EA playing games. I done been hit by a thousand muthafuckas — they saying they want to play. What the fuck man! Get it together. Get right, or get left. Soulja Boy, get Madden on your shit.”

Soulja Boy wasted little time in responding to Uncle Snoop’s message, sharing a clip on Instagram and promoting his infamous SouljaGame console in the process. “Tell em unk @snoopdogg,” he writes, though no word on whether he’s planning on pursuing making Madden a cross-platform affair. In fact, it’s not even entirely clear as to whether the SouljaGame supports online functionality to begin with. Either way, it still makes for an amusing clip — even if it doesn’t ultimately lead to any Snoop-narrated “Fighting Soulja – Draco Editio‪n” Let’s Play videos. 

Travis Scott Is Delivering Food To Over 50K Houston Residents Affected By The Winter Storm

Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Foundation has partnered with the city of Houston to provide aid to 50,000+ residents who were impacted by the recent winter storm that knocked out power and left Texans in freezing conditions with no heat or water. In a press release announcing the aid program, it’s noted that the Cactus Jack Foundation worked with local agencies including The National Association of Christian Churches, The Black Service Chamber, and even local restaurant owners to identify the most vulnerable people in need of assistance.

The program is using trucks loaded with hot food and clean water to deliver these needed goods directly to people with disabilities, families with children under the age of 18, senior citizens and homebound adults, and unemployed or low-income individuals who may not have access to transportation and other resources.

Travis isn’t the only Houston resident pitching in. After Texas Senator Ted Cruz basically bailed on his constituents for a family vacation in Mexico (build that wall, right?), Houstonians looked out for one another. Beyonce teamed with her Ivy Park partners at Adidas to provide financial aid to individuals, while Megan Thee Stallion and Ellen DeGeneres gave a donation of $50,000 to a local nurse who moved from Mississippi to help with coronavirus treatment efforts and got stuck in a hotel with five kids.

Even former residents like James Harden, who was traded to Brooklyn Nets earlier this year, is giving back to his former adopted city, giving away hot food from his restaurant last weekend. This week he also told reporters postgame after defeating my Clippers that he’s been on calls with Houston’s mayor, local plumbers, and his sponsors at BodyArmor to provide water to the city and more.

Shelley (FKA D.R.A.M.) Releases His New Single “Exposure”

Last year, LVRN-signed hitmaker D.R.A.M. changed his artist name to his given name, officially going by Shelley professionally. The only music he had released under his new moniker came by way of the LVRN holiday album, lending vocals to some tracks on there. Finally, Shelley has released his first new single under the rebrand, dropping the “Exposure” music video today.

The new single is a soulful record about falling in love, showing Shelley at his most vulnerable, hoping that he’s ready to give and accept love from his partner. It comes following a full year of self-reflection from Shelley, who didn’t release much new music in 2020. Hopefully, this signals a new start for the artist formerly known as D.R.A.M. 

Watch the new music video below, directed by Christian Sutton. What do you think of Shelley’s new direction?

Quotable Lyrics:

Let me love you inside-out and outside-in
Let me touch your soul before I touch your skin
When you expose yourself to me
You have my consent, I wanted to see
What lies underneath
‘Cause beauty to me is more than skin-deep