NBA YoungBoy Posts Ominous Message To His Enemies

As NBA YoungBoy has been under house arrest, his fans continue to hope that his case turns out in his favor. The rapper reportedly recently welcomed a child with his girlfriend and has been staying out of trouble, but there has been a reignition in animosity between YoungBoy and several of his fellow rappers. Within the last week, YoungBoy has spouted off menacing lyrics that have been interpreted as targeted jabs to his foes including NLE Choppa.

We recently reported on an alleged YoungBoy fan running up on Choppa at the airport, but things didn’t stop there. YoungBoy then released “Know Like I Know,” a track where he once again threatens his enemy.

NBA YoungBoy
Erika Goldring / Contributor / Getty Images

Ayy, I bet your momma be destroyed, n*gga / When we send your stupid ass to God / For makin’ statements, choosing’ sides / About my beef with them lil’ boys / I could say I saw it, you could say I was your favorite, n*gga,” rapped YoungBoy. Then, a photo of YoungBoy at his Utah home surfaced showing him laying on the floor. Next to him, he shared a message in cash.

“You N*ggas Gone Die,” the money spelled on the carpet. Reactions to this have been mixed, as some fans have continued to egg this on while others are concerned that antics such as this can have a negative effect on the rapper’s legal issues. Check it out below.

50 Cent Continues To Troll Teairra Mari Over Unpaid Judgement

We’ve entered the fourth year in this ongoing legal battle between Teairra Mari and 50 Cent. These two have trolled one another and hurled insults over the years, but the fact remains that Teairra was ordered to pay Fif a $37K judgment. This all began when a sex tape of the singer went viral and later, Teairra filed a revenge porn lawsuit against the Rap mogul for reposting the clip. He clapped back and was awarded a $30K judgment, and additional fees were tacked on as 50 Cent continued to pursue Teairra Mari legally.

She has made it quite clear that she has no intentions of ever forking over Fif’s money, but that hasn’t stopped him from actively attempting to aggravate her to the bank. In fact, her defiance has only revved Fif up to ask the courts for more money or to seize her assets.

Teairra Mari

Frederick M. Brown / Stringer / Getty Images

We haven’t heard much about this feud in some time, but Fif decided to reignite that controversy with a social media post. He uploaded the video of Teairra with her attorney at a press conference years ago and added a few more thoughts to the caption.

“[Eyeball emoji] Remember this, Smh she better give me my money. before it start to feel like she went to college and her student loans catching up with her,” wrote Fif. There hasn’t been word from Teairra Mari about her case with 50 Cent but she has surfaced on social media to share images of herself enjoying time with her man.

Check out Fif’s post below.

Pete Davidson Apparently Finds Kanye’s Antics To Be “Hilarious”: Report

Like many of his other controversies, Pete Davidson is reportedly laughing his way through the headlines. The Saturday Night Live star has had his fair share of high-profile relationships, including his brief engagement to Ariana Grande, but none top the massive amount of attention that his romance with Kim Kardashian has received.

He’s been jet-setting with Kim for months and as they continue to enjoy their time together, Kanye West isn’t happy with seeing his estranged wife moving on.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

Although West has a new, budding relationship of his own with Julia Fox, the rapper continues to place Davidson in his crosshairs. He lyrically threatened to beat up the comedian on his “Eazy” collaboration with The Game, and Jake Paul recently stepped in to double down, saying he and West would slap Davidson. According to Page Six, Davidson isn’t fazed, and in fact, he’s amused with Ye’s antics.

“Pete thinks it’s totally hilarious,” said an insider. “Not just that — he thinks the whole [tabloid drama with him, West and Kardashian] is hilarious. He loves it… It’s funny to him that the press wants to know his every move all of a sudden.”

The outlet also reported that during this time, Kim and Davidson have actually gotten closer due to West’s “craziness.” Revisit “Eazy” below.


Halle Bailey Gives Her Take On Muni Long’s “Hrs & Hrs”

Thus far, Chlöe has been the Bailey sister vamping things up online, but her sister Halle is following in her footsteps. As Chlöe emerged with more sexy content, Halle was working on the live-action version of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Chlöe took over timelines with her sexy “Have Mercy” single and her subsequent performances, as well as her covers of her fellow singers’ songs that she shared from home.

On Wednesday (January 19), Halle also shared a brief performance and she decided to tackle Muni Long’s “Hrs & Hrs.”

Halle Bailey
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

Long’s single has been the talk of the industry as the track climbed the charts with help from its viral attention. Halle effortlessly breezed her way through her rendition of “Hrs & Hrs,” but the response from the public was a mixed bag. Many people adored the singer’s vocals while others believed her version was a bit too high.

Nevertheless, Halle sailed through her performance, and recently, sister Chlöe spoke about people often comparing them to one another.

“I hate when people online constantly try to compare my sister and I,” said Chlöe. “It is the most shallow, most disturbing thing. It was very off-putting to know how people would try to put two young Black sisters who love their craft so much and love each other so much, how they try to pit them against each other just because they’re different in some ways.

Check out Halle Bailey singing Muni Long’s hit below.

“Madea” Actress & Hip Hop Producer Among 19 Named In PPP Fraud Indictments: Report

The government continues to crack down on Payment Protection Program fraud and in Georgia, 19 entertainers and CEOs have reportedly been named in a new indictment. We’ve continued to report on artists, sports stars, and popular public figures who have found themselves on the wrong side of Uncle Sam after they have stood accused of defrauding the government into the millions.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that a central figure in this case is a man by the name of Mark C. Mason Jr. who not only has been accused of submitting fraudulent loan applications, but helping others do the same. If they were accepted, Mason allegedly took a “success fee” that could be anywhere from two to five percent of the total received.

 The AJC reported:

Among those indicted were: Ion Overman, an actress who appeared in the early-2000s TV series “Port Charles,” as well as “Desperate Housewives” and Tyler Perry’s “Madea Goes to Jail”; Carlos “Clos” Stephens, a music producer and consultant who has worked with Master P and Little Romeo; Dale Godboldo, an actor who appeared in “The People v. O.J. Simpson,” “Thor” and awards-season darling “The Year of the Dog”; and Marvin Lewton, a media personality covering hip-hop known as OG Shadi Powers.

Although the companies and businesses of the 19 people named in seven indictments are established all around the United States, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Georgia is handling these cases. The artists and celebrities named have not issued statements regarding the allegations. 

Most recently, we reportedly on Pretty Ricky singer Baby Blue agreeing to a plea deal for his alleged involvement in a million-dollar PPP scam. Love & Hip Hop star Mo Fayne was also convicted in connection to similar charges and reportedly faces upwards of 151 months in prison.


Omeretta Gets Tattoo Of BF’s Name, Asian Doll Defends Her Against Backlash

All she wanted to do was show off her latest tattoo, but Omeretta became a target of backlash. The rapper and Love & Hip Hop star, like millions of others, paid a visit to her tattooist and got some new ink. Omeretta displayed her reported sixth tattoo of her boyfriend, Ta’Byron Smith, who is reportedly serving out a 27-year sentence for robbery. The Shade Room reported that Smith was accused of robbing nine Asian-owned stores in the Atlanta area.

Almost immediately after the news was shared, Omeretta found her name trending online. The rapper stepped in to say that her boyfriend has just as many tattoos of her name, as well.

“I can’t believe folks are this mad about some tattoos,” wrote Omeretta. “This is crazy to me especially cuz I always post my sh*t.” She added, “Okay ima ghetto ass b*tch so what y’all hoes build fake aesthetics off the ‘ghetto b*tch’ persona everyday but make fun of the real thing y’all hoes slow.”

Asian Doll knows a thing or two about getting some skin art in dedication to someone you love because she has several King Von tattoos, including a portrait of his face.

“You good gang [blueheart emoji] I got mines tatted 6 times too,” said Doll. “Some people just express they love for others different that’s all.” It didn’t stop there, as people didn’t let up and went after both women. Check out more below.

Gunna Jokes About “RiRi Effect” After Rihanna Dressed As Him For Halloween

Fans dress up as their favorite artists for Halloween all of the time, but when Rihanna dons a look to pay homage to one of her peers, the entire world takes notice. Certain artists are often attributed to having an “effect”—that is when they either collaborate with, co-sign, or draw attention to other artists. Gunna certainly doesn’t need an “effect” from anyone, especially as he boasts the No. 1 record on the Billboard charts with DS4EVER, but it certainly doesn’t hurt when Rihanna dresses up as you for Halloween.

Gunna has continued to promote his project and stopped by Hot 97 where he spoke about the Savage x Fenty mogul suiting up.

Rihanna sported Gunna’s all-black New York Fashion Week look that included shorts, a net-stitched sweater, boots, and a leather vest. The fit quickly became a trending topic, as many of Gunna’s outfits do, but Rihanna couldn’t help but make it her own. 

“That day, I got so many calls [like], ‘Oh this that RiRi effect, that RiRi effect different,'” said Gunna. “Okay, Rocky, I see what’s happening. I see what’s happening Rocky. Say less.” Elsewhere in the interview, Gunna speaks on his latest effort and also once again addresses those plaguing rumors about his alleged secret romance with Chlöe.

Check it out below.

Ja Morant Picks Between MoneyBagg Yo & J. Cole For Favorite Rap Reference

You know the saying: rappers want to be NBA players, and NBA players want to be rappers. So, it should come as no surprise that, with all the young talent on the rise within the NBA these days, there would be at least one player’s name that consistently makes his way onto your favorite rapper’s next song. Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant–the spectacular point guard who seems to be a walking highlight reel–has managed to achieve this feat as his name has been referenced in over 30+ different songs.

Acknowledging the star’s popularity amongst big and small rappers, the Memphis Grizzlies’ Twitter account decided they would have a bit of fun and hold a debate regarding which Ja Morrant reference was the best. The Grizzlies’ account began the debate by throwing in heavy-hitters such as J.Cole, Moneybagg Yo, Money Man, and Lloyd Banks, with songs featuring a reference of their prized player. However, it wasn’t long before Ja Morant chimed in himself and ended the debate by offering his opinion on the matter. “rookie of the year,” the 22-year-old basketball player tweeted in favor of Moneybagg Yo’s track, replying to his team’s viral tweet. “Strategic how I move, I just treat it like chess (On point)/Team Morant, the Grizzlies on my Mitchell & Ness (Straight from Memphis),” Yo rhymes on the YC-produced track paying homage to Ja Morant’s 2020 Rookie of the Year Award.

(Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Though Ja Morant’s decision almost immediately triggered some Hip-Hop enthusiasts, it should come as no surprise that Ja would ride for his guy. After all, Moneybagg Yo and Ja Morrant are pretty tight with each other. Ever since the Grizzlies drafted the point guard in 2020, Moneybagg Yo liked the future star, with the pair also starring in a soon-to-be iconic Nike commercial.<

While it does seem that the debate was put to bed relatively early with Ja Morant offering his opinion, we are still curious: which song do you think has the best Ja Morant reference? Be sure to let us know in the HNHH comments below.

Jake Paul Threatens Pete Davidson Amid Kanye West Drama

Pete Davidson has been the recent target of Kanye West as Davidson is now infamously dating the likes of Kim Kardashian. For the most part, Davidson has been very respectful throughout this whole ordeal, although he has been frequently spotted in public alongside Kim K. As a result of this new union, Kanye has singled out Pete in his music. For instance, in his brand new song with The Game called “Eazy,” Kanye raps “god saved me from that crash/just so I could beat Pete Davidson’s ass.”

As a result of this bar, it was reported earlier today that Davidson has since increased his security as he doesn’t want any issues from Kanye or a potential affiliate. Unfortunately for Pete, however, he will have one more person to contend with now as Jake Paul is siding with Kanye on the issue.

Jake Paul

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

If you remember, Jake and Pete have had some beef in the past, and Paul hasn’t forgotten. Taking to Twitter, Paul wrote “Kanye & I on his ass now. Soon to get slapped.” Of course, it is pretty unlikely Jake would do anything to Pete, although the whole thing is quite humorous. Jake knows how to troll, and this is the perfect way to do it given how big the story is.

As for Jake’s next fight, it appears as though he could be going up against Mike Tyson, or maybe even Canelo Alvarez. The specifics, however, have not yet been determined, so stay tuned to HNHH for details.

Wack 100 Says Bobby Shmurda “Twerking” Lost Him Street Credibility

Since his release from prison early last year, Bobby Shmurda has been living it up. He spoke on how wild and crazy his first day out was on a recent episode of Gillie Da King’s podcast, and the days since haven’t completely quieted down. Though we haven’t received a massive amount of music since he touched down at home, he has released a few singles. “Shmoney,” which features Quavo and longtime affiliate Rowdy Rebel, went viral on TikTok for a moment in time. But, Bobby Shmurda has been going viral all over the internet as of late for something other than music: dancing.

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Power 105.1

Every few weeks in 2021, and early into 2022, Bobby can be seen dancing in a gamut of venues. He’s been seen partying indoors, outdoors, on stage, on couches, anywhere he sees fit. Some feel as though he’s just extremely happy in his newfound freedom after being in prison for 6 years. Wack 100 seems to think otherwise.

In a conversation posted to Akademiks’ Instagram page, Wack 100 sounds off on Bobby Shmurda’s recent activities. Not only does he think Bobby Shmurda wasted his opportunity for music sales by not releasing something the moment he got out, he also feels like all of the dancing takes away from Bobby’s street fanbase. He can be heard saying “When that n***a got out, he was supposed to let something go. I don’t know what the f**k he doing.”

Wack also believes that all the dancing is fueled by the labels. He states that none of that will help with Bobby Shmurda’s sales when he drops, claiming that Bobby will go “double wood”.

How do you feel about Bobby Shmurda’s dancing? Do you think he’s just celebrating being home? Let us know below.