BlocBoy JB Comes Through With His New Single “Home Alone”

It’s been roughly two years since BlocBoy JB dropped off a new project but he’s continued to flood the streets with a steady flow of music. Throughout the pandemic, his YouTUbe page became a hub for loose singles and freestyles that wouldn’t make it to DSPs but all of that work appeared to set him up for his next project.

The rapper recently announced that Tay Keith would serve as the executive producer of his next effort, Bacc 2 Da Bloc. After unveiling the Next Friday-themed, “Craig N Day Day,” the two have slid through with their latest offering, “Home Alone.” Once again, BlocBoy JB and Tay Keith prove how strong their chemistry is on wax with this record.

Check out the latest from BlocBoy and Tay Keith below.

Quotable Lyrics
We got lots of scraps, I double tap to get you gone
Still remember when the feds ran in my Memphis home
Heard my line tapped, I switched up T-Mobile phone
They ran in Lil’ Sleepy spot, bitch, that’s the wrong home

Jay Critch Delivers Electrifying Freestyle On “Buck 50”

Considered the most lyrically competent on Rich Forever, Jay Critch has continued to establish his name in the rap game without compromising his pen. The rapper came through in 2021 with the release of Critch Tape, boasting 23-songs in total with features from Fivio Foreign, Lil Tjay, Skillibeng, and the late Drakeo The Ruler. However, he’s continued to keep fans satisfied with a slew of loose tracks.

This week, the rapper slid through with a brand new freestyle titled, “Buck 50” for 6ixbuzzTV. The Brooklyn-based rapper takes a page from the regional drill sound as he unites with Axl who cooks up an electrifying beat for Critch to skate on.

Check out the latest freestyle from Jay Critch below and sound off with your thoughts in the comment section. 

Quotable Lyrics
I see pussy keep playin’ both sides
Don’t come around like it’s all good vibes
Don’t come around ’cause I’m on bad time
We pack ’em up, tell that boy goodbye 

Mac Miller Floated Over Ups And Downs In “Dang!”

Mac Miller was absolutely no stranger to rapping about women. A large selection of his catalog details the intricacies of intimacy with lovers and love itself. Using vivid descriptions and looping, languid lyrics, he found ways to craft images and storylines one could easily imagine playing out. Mac often wrote with a sense of hope inside of seemingly hopeless situations, making it possible to see solutions in even the most confusing relationship problems.

In September of 2016, Mac Miller released his 4th album The Divine Feminine. As the title alludes to, the project was brimming with lyrics about love, loss, and living in proximity to the feminine. While the tracks widely vary from slower, ballad-like offerings to jazzy, syncopated sonnets, “Dang!” really picks up the pace. The track, accompanied by the ever-eccentric Anderson .Paak, dances through the subject of simple mistakes creating issues in interactions.

The song chronicles a rollercoaster of a love story, which cycles through seemingly never-ending ends and beginnings. Mac speaks on coming home late, saying the wrong things at the right moments, and losing trust due to lack of attention from both parties (and the arguments that stem from such). His emotions bounce from childish blame to begging her to stay, which is an accurate representation of the conundrum that is a romantic pairing.

Mac also uses his singing voice a lot on The Divine Feminine. He displays that range on “Dang!” as a means of adding punch to the more impassioned lyrics. Complimenting .Paak’s head-bopping hook and colorful instrumentation, Mac’s shifting tones throughout really drive home the fact that love is complicated.

How do you feel about Mac Miller’s “Dang!?” Could you relate? Tell us in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

You can’t go away, girl, I’mma need you,
Play your games like they my ticket to an Ivy League School,
Won’t get hall of fame dick from a Minor League dude,
I just eat p*ssy, other people need food

Dionne Warwick Teams With Krayzie Bone & Nomad On “Power In The Name”

The legendary Dionne Warwick is bringing some much-needed positivity into 2022 with the release of her latest single, “Power In The Name” ft. Krayzie Bone and Nomad. Warwick’s more soulful stylings meet hip-hop production, as she, Krayzie Bone, and Nomad offer spiritually uplifting verses across the record. Krayzie Bone also offers a nod to Bone Thugs’ “First Of The Month” at the top of the record. Proceeds from the single will be going towards various charity groups that focus on providing shelter and clothing.

This isn’t the first time Warwick linked up with the BTNH member. Dionne Warwick and Krayzie Bone previously worked together in 2019 on the song, “Déja Vu.”

Check out the latest from Dionne Warwick below and sound off with your thoughts on the new song.

Quotable Lyrics
I tell all the homies I’ve been praying for all of y’all
I asked the Lord if he can watch out for all of my dawgs
Grandmama always told me that 
You need to bend the knee in Jesus name, she said

DaBaby Brings It Back To Basics On “Book IT”

DaBaby is apparently hoping to turn a new leaf in 2022. Following the slew of controversy attached to his name in the latter half of 2021, he’s continued to push new music out at a rapid pace. However, even his fans haven’t necessarily embraced his latest releases, and that has little to do with his controversial comments.

In the past few days, DaBaby’s released a few new tracks which have shown him experimenting outside of his usual realm of production choices. However, it looks like he’s back to basics with the release of “Book IT.” The rapper shared the new single this morning which brings him back into his comfort zone with bouncy production and animated flows.

Check the song below.

Quotable Lyrics
We havin’ burners with switches on
I turn this bitch to a fully
You like to comment on pictures, holmes
Hope you don’t think you no bully

NBA YoungBoy Doesn’t Hold Back On “Know Like I Know” Single

It’s about that time for yet another NBA YoungBoy single. The rapper has been laying low as he spends his house arrest in Utah, but that hasn’t stopped the regular streamline of new music. YoungBoy recently promised fans that he would be releasing a new mixtape, stating that it would be coming in just a few weeks, but as time has passed without an update or confirmed release date, fans are excited to at least have a new single to tie them over.

Following previous releases including “Emo Rockstar,” “Foolish Figure,” and “Emo Love,” Young Boy returns with “Know Like I Know.” Although he’s known for controversial lyrics in his songs, some believe that a few of his lyrics are more than just artistic license considering the track came directly following news that one of his alleged fans ran up on NLE Choppa.

We’ll let the public discuss that for itself, but in the meantime, stream “Know Like I Know” and share your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics

I bet yo momma be destroyed n*gga
When we send yo stupid ass to God for makin’ statements 
Choosin’ sides about my beef with them lil boys
I can say I saw it, you can say I was your favorite n*gga
Better stay up in your place b*tch
F*ck around get yo face split

2KBABY Delivers “In The Hills” Single & Music Video

2KBABY is back. On Monday, January 17th, the 21-year-old rapper shared a new single called “In The Hills,” along with a music video shot by Buwop.

The clip sees Baby hanging out in a beautiful neighbourhood with plenty of palm trees and other gorgeous views as he gets his bars off for the camera. “In the hills, can’t be in my feels / I got bigger pills, this shit real / I got n*ggas here that be in the field, spin the wheel / Tell them that I will, now I’m in the deal,” he raps as the song begins, and again on the chorus.

Elsewhere in the news, the “Old Streets” hitmaker joined the conversation surrounding DS4EVER rapper Gunna’s ongoing beef with Freddie Gibbs. “This pushing [P] word showing you how much of D*ck riders N***as are,” 2K tweeted a few days ago.

“For those thinking I’m dissing Gunna never fw his music but you n***as been getting annoying asf with the word,” he clarified.

Stream 2KBABY’s latest arrival below, and watch the music video above.

Quotable Lyrics:

In the hills, can’t be in my feels

I got bigger pills, this shit real

I got n*ggas here that be in the field, spin the wheel

Tell them that I will, now I’m in the deal

OMB Peezy Shares New Single “Never Leave”

2021 was a hell of a year for OMB Peezy. The Mobile, AL rapper kicked the year off with the release of his project, Too Deep For Tears before unloading his second collaborative effort with Drum Dummie, In The Meantime 2, which dropped in November. Still, the rapper’s remained consistently releasing music, even after already dropping a body of work less than two months ago. 

This week, the rapper came through with his latest offering, “Never Leave.” This time, he veers away from the hard-hitting production for something more soothing where he flexes his vocal chops a bit more and showcases more of his emotional side.

It seems that we can expect OMB Peezy to keep a consistent stream of music this year, as well. Peep his new song below.

Quotable Lyrics
Ridin’ ’round with my heater
She beggin’ me never to leave her
They say it’s cheaper to kill, it’s cheaper to teach
No lie, make her a believer
Ridin’ through the bottom, whole lot of choppas
How much these worth? Take ’em to the otherside 
Somebody gon’ die when these burst

Take A Look Back At The Game’s “Dreams” On The Anniversary Of “The Documentary”

Albums with notoriety and respect from the entire hip-hop community are few and far between. The Game’s album The Documentary stands tall amongst giants, a heavy-hitter comprised of gritty raps that managed to capture the hearts of many. Hardcore rap fans and casual listeners alike gravitated to the commanding demeanor and head-knocking soundtrack to The Game’s life. With West Coast legend and pioneer Dr. Dre laying the foundation, The Game built something with the power to weather the storm for years to come.

Each track on The Documentary offered an energy like no other, indicative of The Game’s West Coast upbringing. There’s a blended dichotomy of harsh hustle and hope, all culminating in inspirational street anthems that people ride for to this day. One track that encapsulates both sides of the coin perfectly is “Dreams”. The Game enlists Kanye West to handle the production, and the duo produces a street hymn regarded as a classic among classics.

The Game takes the nearly 5 minute runtime of the track to detail how difficult it is to not only survive, but to live long enough to reach legendary stature. He names a multitude of legendary figures in the black community that met unexpectedly early fates, citing their aspirations as reasons to keep reaching for his own. He references Aaliyah, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, and Martin Luther King Jr. on the hook, all of which had goals cut short too soon.

The Game was sure to put the passion of fallen love ones into The Documentary and it resulted in “Dreams,”  a track with an eternal place in the hip-hop archives.

How did you feel about The Game’s “Dreams,” or The Documentary as a whole? Tell us your thoughts below.

Quotable Lyrics

How can I say this? I’m living for my son,
But I can’t figure out why I’m at my temple with this gun,
Wake up to a Jesus piece, like a Catholic nun,
The war to be a rap legend has just begun

Juice Armani & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Team Up On “Offended (Remix)”

The power of TikTok leveled the playing field for budding stars to finally have the chance to get their music heard. Artists can have their breakout moment on the app, and turn that into Billboard success. 

Armani Juice has had TikTok on lock over the past few months after the release of his single, “Offended.” Marking the rapper’s debut single, it was later re-released with additional contributions coming from BabyThicc.

This week, Armani Juice unveiled another remix of the record in an attempt to keep the momentum high in the new year, this time with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. Armani’s infectious melodies and hook are matched by A Boogie’s own penchant for harmonies, which help elevate the song even further.

Check out the remix to Armani Juice’s “Offended” below.

Quotable Lyrics
Please, I ain’t goin’ back and forth ’bout a bitch I see
I just showed her how to use her wings, be free
Two .45’s on my hip like I’m part of the three
See you on my dick but I won’t let her do it for free