Ice Cube Explains To Shaquille O’Neal Why He Blocked His Collaboration With Dr. Dre

Shaquille O’Neal recently brought on Ice Cube to his show, The Big Podcast, during which the legendary rapper revealed why he blocked Shaq from releasing a collaboration with Dr. Dre. The track was titled, “That’s Gangsta,” which addresses what Cube took issue with. He explained that O’Neal was “more than just gangsta” and a star of the Los Angeles Lakers at the time.

“Cube was executive producing one of my records,” Shaq said. “And he put me in the studio with Dr. Dre. I did a song called ‘That’s Gangsta.’ Cube heard it and was like, ‘Nope. We’re not releasing this.’ Dre did the beat. I thought it was nice … And then I played it for Cube … He was like, ‘Shaq, you’re a f*cking Laker, bro. I don’t want you talking about nothing gangsta. We not doing none of that sh*t.’ And it never came out.”

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Ice Cube & His Son, Oshea Jackson Jr., Attend Lakers Game

LOS ANGELES, CA – DECEMBER 25: Ice Cube (L) and his son Oshea Jackson Jr. (R) attend the Los Angeles Lakers against Phoenix Suns game at the Staples Center on December 25, 2007 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

From there, Cube explained: “Shaq is a dope MC, but I just felt the record was off-brand for him because, to me, he’s more than just gangsta. He’s loved by millions, loved by kids. He already established that. And why go backward when you’re already forward? You’re already a household name.” Shaq wasn’t upset with the comments, instead suggesting it taught him an important lesson. “That taught me, Cube, stay true to who you are,” O’Neal said. “‘Cause I ain’t gonna lie. You guys wanna be basketball players, I wanted to be y’all growing up.” Check out the full interview below.

Ice Cube Speaks With Shaq

Elsewhere, the two discussed the NBA Finals, the rise of the WNBA and Caitlyn Clark, the Big3 league, and more. Be on the lookout for further updates on Shaquille O’Neal and Ice Cube on HotNewHipHop.

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Dess Dior Talks Her Shit On “Rich And Raw” From New “RAW” EP

Dess Dior delivered her 8-track RAW EP earlier this weekend, complete with bougie, bad bitch anthems like “Bottega,” “Paris,” and “Mood Board,” just to name a few.

The 23-year-old received a co-sign from her ex-beau, Future, after dropping off the project, sending plenty of rap lovers her way to check out her work.

Ahead of the project’s arrival, Dess shared “Rich and Raw” as a single, complete with a music video that finds her sporting a series of stylish outfits while turning up in the studio.

“I’m rich and raw / Man, tell me why these n*ggas flaw? /I just bought a Richard yesterday and still ain’t take it out,” she brags on the first verse. “Two milli on my left wrist, that’s what it cost me / Say you ain’t gon’ spend that shit, lil’ bitch, that’s where you lost me.”

Stream “Rich and Raw” on Spotify or Apple Music below, and tap back in with HNHH later for more music updates.

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m rich and raw
Man, tell me why these n*ggas flaw? (These niggas flaw)
I just bought a Richard yesterday and still ain’t take it out (Ooh)
Two milli on my left wrist, that’s what it cost me (Cost me)
Say you ain’t gon’ spend that shit, lil’ bitch, that’s where you lost me (Ha)

Muni Long Finds “The Words” On New R&B Track From Her Debut Album: Listen

After her breakout hit “Hrs & Hrs” captured the minds and hearts of many, Muni Long solidified herself as a name to look out for in the world of R&B. Earlier this weekend, the 34-year-old shared her debut album, Public Displays Of Affection, including five new titles and a roundup of songs previously shared across her EPs. 

Of the latest arrivals, we’ve already spotlighted “Plot Twist,” leaving another favourite, “The Words,” to share on Sunday (September 25).

“When you get that angry / Watch what the f*ck you say,” the Florida-born artist’s sweet voice sings. “Don’t put your pride in the way / And I really hate / When it’s B-I-T-C-H / So don’t call me out my name.”

Other previously released favourites from the tracklist include “Another,” “Pain,” “Time Machine,” and “Cartier.”

Check out the full Public Displays Of Affection album here, and stream “The Words” on Spotify, Apple Music, or Soundcloud below.

Quotable Lyrics:

If I could turn back time
I would go back to the night
You hurt me first
And I would kiss you right before you said the words, the words
The words that broke up our forever
The reason why we’re not together

Russ Drops Off Mellow “Last Night”

It’s been a rough couple of months for Russ. Back in August, the New Jersey rapper cancelled the European leg of his “The Journey Is Everything” tour, citing mental health issues. “Mentally I feel like s**t,” he wrote at the time. Some fans appreciated his honesty and supported prioritizing his mental health, but others weren’t so understanding. Lil Pump was one of his most vocal critics. “Stop being a f**king pussy,” he wrote after hearing the news.

But Russ’s difficulties, and haters, haven’t kept him from making new music. Since the spring, the rapper his been dropping singles regularly, including “Paddington Freestyle” and “Are You Entertained.”

Now, he’s dropped another, “Last Night.” The new song is a melancholy affair, as Russ croons over a sparse guitar arrangement. The rapper sings of lost love. “I didn’t know that last night was our last night together, did you?” he laments. The hook is an immediate earworm, and Russ leans into it, repeating the tune over and over until he fades away after two minutes. The effect is that of a fleeting thought, a late night reminiscence of what could have been.

Check out the song below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

When you were layin on my chest I didn’t know
When that screen went black and credits rolled
Did you know, the sun was on its way?
Did you know?

Guadpad 4000 and LaRussell Link Up For West Coast Banger “F**K 12 Freestyle”

Oakland rapper Guapdad 4000 might still be bubbling in the fringes of the mainstream, and may have received a cease and desist letter from The Gap over merch likeness, but don’t let his subtle success take away from his years of experience in the game. Along with fellow Cali rapper LaRussell, he’s joined the new multimedia project Tales Of The Town which comprises of a collaborative album, podcast, book, and short film all dedicated to exploring Black history in Oakland. The two MCs just released a teaser for the collaborative project, “F**k 12 Freestyle,” that’s exactly about what you’d expect.

The freestyle’s backed by a classic West Coast swing, practically begging for you to put hydraulics on your car with hard bass hits. There’s a menacing and simple piano line that gives the track a melodic driver and some atmospheric backing keys for the verses. Just listening to the sound of the track, it’s clear that Guapdad and LaRussell are pulling from a very specific style in Oakland rap history, and it’ll be interesting to see how closely they stick to that sound moving forward. Maybe they take it even further back, or provide some more modern California beats.

As far as the lyrical content, well, there’s not much more you need to know beyond the title to understand what the track is about. What makes the verses stand out, however, is how they are able to detail their verses with not just quotable and wordplay, but with almost narrative descriptions and examinations of how police brutality, the wealth gap, and Black community struggles are larger than the individual.

LaRussell’s chorus, for example, briefly alludes to housing displacement with the line “Never get complacent, the house ain’t a home when it’s vacant / How they built a hood and a power plant adjacent? / Never thought we’d make it in a house from the basement.” Guapdad’s offering has him rapping about how his town needs “cups, cribs, and coffins” and blames the banks “approving y’all for them cafés,” potentially addressing gentrification as he talks about a “broad day light frappe.” As we saw in our Snack Review series, Guapdad’s quite the food junkie, but given the context of the verse, you won’t catch him with a frap in broad daylight.

Tales Of The Town‘s accompanying podcast, the Hella Black podcast, just released its first episode “Great Migrations,” which you can listen to here. Their collaborative album will boast 11 tracks and feature G-Eazy, Fredobagz, Jane Handcock, and more, and is set to release on October 14th via Empire Records. This follows a prolific 2022 for Guapdad so far, with an EP and multiple singles to his name in the year. Last time he was making waves on the headline circuit was his publicized situationship with Yung Baby Tate. You can check out his new track with LaRussell, “F**k 12 Freestyle,” below.

Quotable Lyrics

But look at what we got though, n***a,
Police got a tank and we got potholes with them, 
I remember when the town had a few new people
I get tacos, look around like “Who you people?”

DaBaby Opens His Surprise “Baby On Baby 2” Album With “GO AGAIN – Intro”

Baby On Baby 2 landed on streamers earlier this weekend, surprising fans of DaBaby with 14 new tracks (and only one feature from Anthony Hamilton) just in time for fall.

While the 30-year-old opted to make controversial remarks about Megan Thee Stallion that have earned him plenty of attention on “BOOGEYMAN,” for his album’s opener, “GO AGAIN (Intro)” he relied more heavily on his braggadocious rhyming abilities to carry him through.

“Yeah, bitch, I’m still number one, what the f*ck n*ggas thought? / This bitch right here bulletproof,” he begins. “I got a M in this bitch, it’s a motherf*ckin’ bar / I could still get you hit, I’m the boss.”

Another noteworthy track from Baby is “SOCKS,” which not only samples the 911 audio from his shooting incident that took place earlier this year but also was accompanied by a music video in which the rapper directs himself through an infidelity scandal.

Stream “GO AGAIN – Intro” on Spotify, Apple Music, or Soundcloud below, and tap back in with HNHH later for more music updates.

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m in the drive-thru, a Chick-fil-A breakfast in the Rolls Royce
Askin’ for condoms, it’s heavy
I just got mad at the n*gga (What the f*ck, man?)
‘Cause he gave me grape and I asked him for strawberry jelly

Q Releases Soulful New R&B Track “Stereo Driver”

This is for the R&B heads out there. South Florida singer and songwriter Q (not the ScHoolboy), full name Q Steven Marsden, has just released a new song and accompanying music video, “Stereo Driver,” which is an ’80s-tinged alt-R&B jam with funky undertones. This follows last year’s The Shave Experiment EP, which set him apart in the R&B lane thanks to the viral success of his breakout song, “Take Me Where Your Heart Is.”

Those unfamiliar with the singer’s music might be reminded of some of The Weeknd’s recent work, with guitar tones reminiscent of Steve Lacy’s latest album and an undeniably funky baseline. Vocally, Q delivers a sultry and powerful performance, complete with vocal overdubs to make his voice stand out, that could fit snugly on the most classic of ’80s instrumentals. The reverbed drums and and occasional organ hits make the instrumental feel more lush, making for an optimistic sound to contrast Q’s introspection.

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A post shared by Q (@qmarsden)

On “Stereo Driver,” the Florida singer wants to make a connection with someone who’s struggling emotionally, assuring them that he’ll be their stereo driver. Maybe he’s referring to inspiring people through his music, or he’s trying to find comfort within himself through an inner dialogue. Past mistakes are referenced, times when there was nothing to lose or gain, and there’s a hopefulness and calmness to the song that urges listeners to heal inwardly instead of focusing on the external problems ahead.

“I wrote ‘Stereo Driver’ during a time of despair, and I had to lean on a higher power to help me through it,” Q expressed in a statement. “I wanted the lyrics to come off as a dialogue, and help people self reflect.” 

You can check out the video for Q’s wavy new track “Stereo Driver” below, and find it on streaming services.

Quotable Lyrics

Chasing a fight that won’t solve anything
Rest, be assured that you got everything
I will be your stereo driver
For your body, mind, and soul

Muni Long Unleashes A “Plot Twist” On “Public Displays Of Affection: The Album”

It’s been a long time coming, but on Friday (September 23), R&B sensation Muni Long was finally ready to share her debut Public Displays Of Affection album, complete with 13 previously released tracks from two separate EPs, as well as five new titles.

Of the latest arrivals, today we’ve selected “Plot Twist” to spotlight for you, as it perfectly sets the tone for the impending moody R&B season we’re about to experience.

“I can’t believe you think you got away / With all the stupid games you like to play,” the “Hrs And Hrs” hitmaker calls out a former lover as she sweetly sings. “‘Cause I went through your phone the other day / The things I saw I won’t even say / I went and got my pistol out the safe / Can’t even lie, you made me contemplate.”

Other new titles added include “Conversation,” “Lemons,” “Butterfly Effect,” and “The Words.”

Check out Muni Long’s full debut album here, and stream “Plot Twist” on Spotify, Apple Music, or Soundcloud below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I can’t believe you think you got away
With all the stupid games you like to play
‘Cause I went through your phone the other day
The things I saw I won’t even say
I went and got my pistol out the safe
Can’t even lie, you made me contemplate
‘Cause I really wanna tell you what I know
Just to see the look that’s on your face

Yung Gravy Announces New Album With Single “C’est La Vie”

Yung Gravy, whose real name is Matthew Raymond Hauri, introduced himself to the music scene in 2016 and has undoubtedly gotten better over time. Born in Rochester, Minnesota, the rapper is equipped with an unmatched swagger and style that keeps his fanbase coming back for more.

Yesterday (September 23), the 26-year-old released a new single ahead of his upcoming album, Marvelous, which releases on October 28.

The record, “C’est La Vie” features a cheerful and upbeat tempo accompanied by Yung Gravy’s skillful puns. He didn’t go at the three-minute track alone, though. His best friend and recurring collaborator, bbno$, and Indonesian rap spectacle, Rich Brian, also appeared on the single. Focusing on being carefree and having fun, the memorable hook says, “Let me live my life, baby c’est la vie.”

Stream the record on the platforms below.

Quotable Lyrics

Tall b*tch, I attack on Titan
Need a find VP, like Biden
Trap that purp in the gold like a viking
Double cup ice like Tampa Lightning

FNF Chop Links With Fivio Foreign For New Heater “Repeat”

Richmond, Virginia rapper FNF Chop has had a hustled come-up this year, and after gaining some online buzz, he’s looking to capitalize on the moment and start breaking into the mainstream. The 23-year-old rapper just released a new track and music video titled “Repeat” with Fivio Foreign, the New York drill king of the moment who’s been teasing new material of his own. The track comes just months after FNF Chop signed with RCA Records and released his second project No Way Out this April.

Looking at the hip-hop landscape of today, FNF Chop is poised to be the DMV’s next big star, who’s gaining levels of mainstream trap success that have been uncharted by his peers before him. After spending a lot of the pandemic doing jail time (a time during which he was still releasing songs and music videos), he released a slew of consistent tracks after his release in December of 2021. After the viral success of his track “Walk Down” on platforms like TikTok, this newest song is likely to be Chop’s s second big splash of the year.

“Repeat” and its accompanying music video are certifiably murderous, depicting a kidnapping backed by menacing and simple piano keys. As the drums fade in and out, each piece of the beat feels heavy with the two MCs dropping vividly confident verses. Chop’s untouchable in his verse: you can’t step to his street cred or his money, but he’ll definitely step to your girl. It’s the lyrical content we’d expect, but it’s bolstered by some strong rhyme schemes and flow switch-ups.

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A post shared by WHO IS CHOP (@fnf.chop)

Fivio keeps this energy up on the second verse, spitting with his trademark flow about all this money that can’t fit on him. It’s a standard showing from a rapper who’s claimed to have brought back long verses alongside Jay-Z, but Fivio’s standard makes for a banger regardless. He also recently spoke with Rick Ross, another fan of Jay-Z’s influence.

You can check out “Repeat” and its accompanying music video below, and you can find it on streaming services.

Quotable Lyrics

If it’s up, then it’s stuck, ain’t no droppin’ the beef
Got me watchin’ thе street, tryna slide with the glee
N***as copyin’ me, tryna plot when I sleep
At the crib with the Glock on a bot, tryna tweet