Soulja Boy Checks Lil B After The BasedGod Claims Wiz Khalifa Was The First Rapper On Twitter

Not to be outdone, Soulja Boy is once again staking his claim on yet another “I did it first” moment. We’re all familiar with the impact that Soulja Boy has had in Hip Hop, especially as it pertains to helping the genre effortlessly transition into the social media wave. Soulja has been hailed as the first rapper to do dozens of things in the industry and he’s responsible for setting forth trends that still exist today, so whenever there is a declaration about another rapper launching a movement, he’s quick to jump in with a correction.

Such was the case earlier today (January 31) when Lil B tried giving Wiz Khalifa his props about his influence on Twitter.

Soulja Boy
Marcus Ingram / Stringer / Getty Images

“Wiz Khalifa was the 1st rapper I seen on twitter this was during MySpace he was already huge on twitter! – Lil B,” he tweeted confidently. It didn’t take long for Soulja to add his two cents. “[Crying laughing emojis] you must be high as Fuk I was the first rapper on twitter B stop that,” he responded.

Then, screenshots emerged to prove that Soulja was on the microblogging platform before Wiz, fueling Soulja’s fans to sing his praises throughout his timeline. Meanwhile, others have noted that Snoop Dogg was on Twitter before both aforementioned artists, so the war over the “I did it first” spot continues. 

Check it out below.