GoFundMe Deletes $5Mil Fundraiser For Waukesha Suspect Darrell Brooks Jr.: Report

When it comes to fundraising campaigns for people facing murder charges, GoFundMe has cracked down on raising money. The company has helped tens of thousands of people acquire funds for charitable efforts including families in need, people who plead for help with medical expenses during recovery, or aspiring artists who ask the world to help make their dreams come true. 

Yet, we’re seeing more people raise money for people behind bars or public figures like Kyle Rittenhouse and Darrell Brooks Jr. The latter was allegedly behind the wheel when he drove his SUV through the Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas Parade, killing six and injuring over 60 people.

As Brooks sits in jail on $5 million bail, someone took to GoFundMe to launch a campaign to help Brooks come up with the cash. GoFundMe has come forward with a statement after deleting the campaign and banning the user for violating their Terms of Service.

“Fundraisers with misuse are very rare, and we take all complaints very seriously. Our team works with law enforcement to report issues and assists them in any investigations they deem necessary,” the spokesperson said. GoFundMe has faced off with the public in recent days after they allowed fundraisers on Kyle Rittenhouse’s behalf to be reinstated since he was acquitted of murder charges. Prior to the verdict, they restricted those campaigns because his case was still active.

“If someone is acquitted of those charges, as Rittenhouse was today, a fundraiser started subsequently for their legal defense and other expenses would not violate this policy,” a statement from the company previously read. “A fundraiser to pay lawyers, cover legal expenses or to help with ongoing living expenses for a person acquitted of those charges could remain active as long as we determine it is not in violation of any of our other terms and, for example, the purpose is clearly stated and the correct beneficiary is added to the fundraiser.”