Cops set Nipsey Hussle’s killer Eric Holder “Shitty Cuz” bond at $7,040,000

Nipsey Hussle’s death shocked the world. He was murdered after Eric Holder aka Shitty Cuz came back to his store The Marathon after being asked to leave the premises. Yesterday Eric Holder tried to check himself into a mental facility but was he was detained by the LAPD shortly afterward. Today, we got an update on the case and it looks like Shitty Cuz will not be getting released from custody after his bond was set at 7,040,000. This news has relieved a lot in the hip-hop community who want him face the death penalty for this sense premeditated murder. It doesn’t look like Shitty Cuz will be going anywhere soon which such a high bond amount. He is currently being held in Solitary confinement by the LAPD.

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