Street Sign Named After MF DOOM Unveiled In Long Beach, New York

The street sign for “KMD – MF DOOM Way” was unveiled in Long Beach, New York, Saturday, after The City Council of Long Beach approved a project to rename a street in honor of the late rapper, MF DOOM.

The movement took off after Dr. Patrick Graham, who attended high school with DOOM, launched a petition that called for a street in New York to be renamed in DOOM’s memory.

“His hip-hop lyricism represents some of the culture’s best linguistic metaphors, garnering intergenerational and interracial admiration,” Graham said in a statement. “His life and art symbolize the resilience we need in our present context.”

MF DOOM, Street Sign
Peter Kramer / Getty Images

Long Beach City Manager Donna Gayden added that “MF DOOM left an indelible mark on the music industry and on the lives of people across the globe. Long Beach is proud to bestow this honor in his memory and proud that he [once] called our City home.”

Despite being born in London, DOOM was raised in Long Beach and has said he has no memory of his London childhood. His mother gave birth while visiting family overseas.

DOOM passed away on October 31, 2020, his family revealed several months later. He is considered by many to be one of the greatest rappers of all time.