Boosie Badazz Talks Louisiana Having Killers Who Are Gay, Not Being Homophobic

Those VladTV interviews with Boosie Badazz continue to captivate Hip Hop. A major component of his latest sit-down with the outlet centers around his recent viral moments with Lil Nas X. Boosie has received backlash for his homophobic remarks, but he has also gained support from fans and friends who have defended his comments.

Bounce icon Big Freedia came forward to deny that Boosie was homophobic and instead stated that he called Lil Nas X a “f*ggot” and told him to take his own life because Boosie was upset. Adding to that conversation, Boosie reiterated that he does not have any issues with the LGBTQIA+ community.

Boosie Badazz
Prince Williams / Contributor / Getty Images

She understand me. You can’t have gay people around you working, dealing with millions of dollars if you hate them,” said Boosie. “You can’t have gay people—it doesn’t work like that in real life. You know, in real life. We from Louisiana, gay motherf*ckers everywhere. The killers gay! They got killers gay, n*gga! Killers will kill you down there, n*gga! It ain’t never been about no gay sh*t, it’s ’bout the level of respect.”

“The gay people in Louisiana have respect for the gangstas. It’s a—bruh, it’s not, bruh, we not hating gay people,” he continued. “Especially not in Louisiana. Bro, it’s not like that down there, bro… You just stay in your place.”

Boosie went on to praise Big Freedia’s career, calling what she has established in Louisiana and beyond with Bounce music as a “movement.” Watch Boosie chat with VladTV below.

Candace Owens Gifts Terminated Police Officer $245K, Hopes He Sues City

A police officer who was terminated from his position earlier this year has been gifted a hefty donation. Prior to Kyle Rittenhouse being found not guilty on murder charges related to the double homicide in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year. Lt. William Kelly was employed with the Norfolk Police Department when he anonymously donated $25 to Rittenhouse’s defense fund and was later fired.

There have been organizations who have called Kelly’s termination unfair and on her talk show Candace, Candace Owens bestowed Kelly with a check.

Candace Owens, William Kelly
Jason Davis / Contributor / Getty Images

Although Owens presented him with a jumbo check that read $202,000, she said that more donations had come in since they had it printed. Instead, the total was somewhere around $245K. She told Kelly that she doesn’t care how he decides to spend the cash and added, “But I do hope you sue the city.”

The Guardian was the catalyst of Kelly’s termination after the publication leaked the names of officers and others who gave to Rittenhouse”s defense. Kelly may have flown under the radar if he hadn’t used his work email address with his anonymous donation. With it, he thanked Rittenhouse for his “courage” and told the teen he did not do anything wrong when he shot two protesters.

Watch Candace Owens and Williams Kelly below.


Dionne Warwick & Chance The Rapper Sing “Nothing’s Impossible” On New Track

If you’ve ever been on Dionne Warwick’s Twitter page, you know that the 80-year-old isn’t one to shy away from @ing other celebs to ask them peculiar questions – in fact, this tactic is how she landed her latest collab with Chance The Rapper.

Back in 2020, “Auntie” Dionne asked the “Cocoa Butter Kisses” recording artist why he included “The Rapper” in his name if it’s already obvious what he does. Then, on November 26th, Dionne and Chance shared “Nothing’s Impossible,” a two-minute and 39-second long song that sees them sing about facing your fears head on, conquering your doubt, and reminding yourself that anything truly is possible, as long as you’re willing to work for it. 

“Bro, tell me what’s worse, a broken arm or broken armour / The suit that made you Superman is really old pyjamas / Just imagine if Moana had been worried ’bout piranhas / Or if Elsa held the powers back the first time she froze Anna,” Chance raps, making references to Disney classics like Frozen and Moana.

The track was created in collaboration with non-profits SocialWorks and Hunger: Not Impossible. “I was very surprised that she knew who I was. But it was awesome… It feels like my first taste of fame. I went to Starbucks the other day and they’re like, ‘Are you the guy who got tweeted by Dionne Warwick?’” he told Stephen Colbert last year.

Quotable Lyrics:

Never look back
Don’t dwell on the past
The only thing worse than loss is not showin’ up
Never givin’ in
You might just be someone’s win
You never know if you are their one last chance


Nike Air Max 97 “Golden Gals” Drops Next Month: Official Photos

Earlier today, we came through with a report on a brand new women’s exclusive Nike Dunk Low called “Golden Gals.” While the colorway itself was anything but golden, there was no denying that it had a lot of flashy elements to it. The shoe is supposed to drop next month, and as it turns out, there is going to be a Nike Air Max 97 that drops alongside it. 

The colorway has the exact same nomenclature as the Dunk Low, and as you can see below, the official images have been revealed. This time, Nike really makes good use of the name as the upper is covered in various shades of gold. There is an extravagant quality to the overall look of the sneaker, and if you’re an Air Max 97 fan, these could very well be a must-cop. Once again, however, these are for women only, so you better hope you have small feet.

Much like the Nike Dunk Low of the exact same name, this sneaker is going to be released on Thursday, December 9th although this sneaker will be priced at $180 USD. Let us know what you think, in the comments below, and stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest updates from the sneaker world.

Image via Nike
Image via Nike
Image via Nike
Image via Nike
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Image via Nike

French Montana Thinks It’s Harder To Make It In Rap Than The NBA

It is true that we live in a day and age where people are creating their careers without the initial help of industry executives, all thanks to social media. Some artists have become stars before ever officially inking a deal, and others have opted to remain independent rather than link their careers with major labels. 

Still, even with viral online popularity comes the trial and tribulations of working as an artist battling it out with millions of others also looking to one day top the charts like their idols. Hopefuls looking into professional sports also face tremendous odds, but French Montana believes it is easier to get into the NBA than to make it as a rapper.

French Montana
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

A clip from an interview from last week shows Montana chatting with HOT 97’s Ebro in the Morning crew. 

“It’s like, you better off making it in the NBA than making it in Hip Hop,” said Montana. “NBA, what they got, twenty-eight teams? Fifteen players on every team.” Rosenberg chimed in that the teams also “rotate all the time.” Ebro Darden and Rosenberg added that even just signing with a team comes with “pretty good money” with the deal, alone.

That’s in the hundreds,” French Montana replied. “You’re talin’ about Hip Hop? You can’t even name teen people that’s hot every couple months. The odds is—anybody could do it if it was easy. So, you’re talkin’ about tryin’ to make it? The hustle gotta be relentless. Can’t take no for an answer.”

Not everyone agreed with the rapper’s take and argued that it is extremely difficult to make it as a professional sports star. Check out the clip and the full interview below, and let us know if you agree with French Montana’s take.

Anthony Broadwater Exonerated After Serving 16+ Years For Alleged 1981 Sexual Assault Of Alice Sebold

Following a decades-long campaign maintaining his innocence, 61-year-old Anthony Broadwater has been officially exonerated of the sexual assault charges against him by the New York State Supreme Court. He spent over 16 yeas in prison for the alleged rape of The Lovely Bones author Alice Sebold back in 1981 in a Syracuse park, which was detailed in her memoir, Lucky.

“It’s a long day coming,” Broadwater told the New York Times earlier this week. “On my two hands, I can count the people that allowed me to grace their homes and dinners, and I don’t get past 10. That’s very traumatic to me.”

As Complex reports, Sebold was attending her freshman year at the University of Syracuse when she was assaulted. Approximately five months later, she spotted Broadwater on the streets and followed up with authorities to let them know he reminded her of the person who had attacked her. The alleged victim failed to identify the accused in a police lineup, but later identified him as the assailant in court.

Lucky is said to include claims that Sebold was told by a detective and prosecutor that she had picked the wrong person from the lineup, also adding that “the prosecutor deliberately coached her into rehabilitating her misidentification.” Broadwater went on to past several lie detector tests, but was still found guilty in 1982 based on the author’s account of events and an “unreliable method of microscopic hair analysis.”

A push to clear the 61-year-old’s name came while the memoir’s film adaptation was being planned. Tim Mucciante joined the crew as executive producer, but couldn’t help but notice inconsistencies between Sebold’s book and the script. He trusted his gut and walked away from the project, only to hire a private investigator and legal time who would review the case.

“I started having some doubts, not about the story that Alice told about her assault, which was tragic, but the second part of her book about the trial, which didn’t hang together” Mucciante said in an interview with the Times

Broadwater’s name will no longer appear on the sex offenders list. “I just hope and pray that maybe Ms. Sebold will come forward and say, ‘Hey, I made a grave mistake,’ and give me an apology,” he said. “I sympathize with her. But she was wrong.” Sebold has yet to comment on the court’s decision.


Isaiah Stewart Claims LeBron James’ Elbow To The Face Was No Accident

LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart’s confrontation from Sunday was something that a lot of fans were pretty surprised by. LeBron clearly swung his arm at Stewart and it ended up making him bleed. This then led to a wild reaction from Stewart who attempted to chase after LeBron and give him a beatdown. In the end, both Stewart and LeBron were suspended for their actions, with Stewart getting two games to LeBron’s one.

Tonight, Stewart is making his return to the Pistons lineup, and before the game, he got to speak to the media about what went down. In a video posted to Twitter by ClutchPoints, Stewart refuted LeBron’s notion that it was accidental. While Stewart doesn’t want to dwell on the incident, he also wanted to make it known that he believes that act was intentional.

Isaiah Stewart

Nic Antaya/Getty Images

“I watched the film. Me personally, I didn’t feel like it was an accident, but it’s my last time addressing it,” Stewart said. “My main focus right now is on my team.”

Stewart will get to face LeBron again on Sunday as the Lakers take on the Pistons. With both players looking to put this behind them, it will be interesting to see how they matchup against one another come Sunday.

YK Osiris Flaunts Stacks Of Cash & Is Ready To Pay Lil Baby $5K Debt

After going viral for not paying Lil Baby back, YK Osiris seemingly suggested that he’s ready to close out his debt. The R&B singer has often flashed his life of luxury for his followers and fans, and he showed just recently that he dropped $325K on a pair of earrings. He’s been jet-setting and even spent some time with Drake as the two had a playful back and forth over a basketball game.

However, this week, news about the singer wasn’t about how much money he had, but how much he owed Lil Baby. In a video that circulated online, Baby wanted $5K that Osiris reportedly owed him since April.

Lil Baby, YK Osiris
Prince Williams / Contributor / Getty Images

The nature of the debt wasn’t detailed, but after the pair reportedly ran into each other at the jewelers, Lil Baby asked for the money. YK Osiris joked and laughed it off, but the rapper told him he was serious. After even suggesting that Osiris get an advance from his label, the singer said he had to get it cleared.

People quickly teased Osiris and accused him of not having the money, even poking fun at him about flexing on social media. In turn, Osiris popped up on his Instagram Story with a photo of a stack of cash. Over the image, he tagged Lil Baby and asked, “WYA,” or “where you at.” It’s unclear if Lil Baby actually got his money back. 

Check it all out below.

Black Friday Mall Shooting In North Carolina Leaves Multiple People Injured

Americans typically spend the day following Thanksgiving flocking to shopping malls to take advantage of great deals, and this year was no exception. Unfortunately for those at Southpoint Mall in North Carolina, their experience was much more terrifying than anticipated.

As TMZ reports, the shopping centre was jam-packed with people when a hail of bullets began flying, causing a stampede to break out as people began running towards exits and safety. “We were about to go into Southpoint Mall when people started running out. They say there is an active shooter, so stay clear of the area,” @alraphiou on Twitter wrote alongside eerie footage of people fleeing the scene.

Police have shared that three people were struck by gunfire, and one person has been taken into custody. Others involved in the attack reportedly got away, but authorities say “there is no active shooting threat.” Nonetheless, patrons are being urged to “steer clear of the mall,” and Southpoint has shut down operations for the remainder of the day.

Another video clip, taken from inside the establishment, shows dozens of people running in every direction. “Unconfirmed report indicate shots have been fired inside the mall, possibly near the food court,” the post reads. “Mall lockdown protocol has now been initiated.”

A tweet from Sierra Fox takes us inside what looks like an H&M, where a large group of shoppers are gathered together, hiding out from potential danger. “BREAKING NEWS: Shots fired at Southpoint Mall in Durham, NC. All stores are on lockdown and asking people to shelter in place at the moment.”

Check back in with HNHH for more updates regarding the Southpoint Mall shooting later.


Steve Kerr Ruthlessly Shuts Down MJ Vs. Steph Curry Question

Throughout his career in basketball, Steve Kerr has been around a lot of legends. Of course, Kerr got to play with Michael Jordan during the second-leg of the Chicago Bulls’ three-peat from 1996-1998. Kerr won three NBA titles during that time and he got to play alongside the greatest player to ever grace the court.

Now, as a head coach, Kerr has the greatest shooter of all time in Steph Curry at his disposal. As the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, Kerr has picked up another three titles, and he is well aware of the kind of talents he has played with.

Steve Kerr

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Unfortunately for Kerr, he was met with an impossible question recently as a fan asked him on video who he would choose between MJ and Steph. In the hilarious video which can be found down below, Kerr was not feeling the question and he ruthlessly dodged it as he knew what was going to happen if he gave a real answer. Kerr even asked if the video was for Twitter specifically, which just goes to show that Kerr knew he was being led into a trap.

Of course, the real answer here is Michael Jordan, although if you’re Kerr, you don’t want create a rift between yourself and your franchise superstar.