Quavo Makes Game-Changing Management Switch

Migos member Quavo is making moves behind the scenes, bringing on powerful entertainment manager Scooter Braun to help guide his solo career. Don’t worry, though: It doesn’t mean the star rapper and rising actor is leaving the group that made him famous in the first place. Quavo Levels Up With SB Projects In addition to […]

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B2K’s J-Boog Blasts Zaya Wade & Michelle Obama’s Interview As “Demonic”

Not many people are able to sit down and interview one of their idols, but 13-year-old Zaya Wade did just that. Just yesterday (March 4), Dwyane Wade’s daughter and Gabrielle Union’s stepdaughter was provided the opportunity to interview former First Lady Michelle Obama. Zaya was praised by Michelle when Obama said, “I am just so proud of you for being just an amazing role model and embracing your truth.” Not everyone has agreed with Zaya Wade coming out as transgender at a young age, or at all, so Michelle’s compliments have stirred up controversy. B2K singer and Love & Hip Hop star J-Boog commented on the interview, stating that this is all the “new agenda” to “take away the man.”

“This is not cool. Very demonic. Using a child for their new agenda,” J-Boog wrote in a comment on Hollywood Unlocked‘s post. “Take away the man , make the women the new man. And no more reproduction. This child shouldn’t be the front runner of the movement . Sad but true. Wake up ppl. This world is close to the end. It’s like they creating the gateway for the kids that are coming up.”

“Like the power of suggestion and saturation of the new human is scary. Look at the clothes for men, etc. Hair styles,” he continued. “Men looking more like women by the day. And women’s attitudes are becoming more manly by the day. [sad crying emoji]” J-Boog’s comments have garnered mixed responses as some agree with him while others have deemed his views to be harmful. Do you agree with him? Check out the video of Zaya and Michelle below.

6ix9ine Parties On Yacht With Models, Yells At Man Following His Boat

The trolling took a backseat on Friday (March 5) as Tekashi 6ix9ine and his crew hit the shores. There has often been discussion about how 6ix9ine moves freely with so much controversy following him. The rapper has verbally accosted his fellow artists online and argued with several on Instagram Live, and as much as he catches grief from his opponents, 6ix9ine projects to be having a grand time. Today, he shared footage of himself on a yacht with a bevy of bikini-clad models who were dancing, drinking, enjoying the hot tub, and even attempting to twerk. However, the good times paused for a brief moment as 6ix9ine put a man on blast for following his boat.

These days, Tekashi 6ix9ine’s entourage is made up heavily of armed security who make sure that he’s safe and secure. There seemed to be a bit of a breach when the rapper spotted a smaller boat trailing him, only to see a person filming his, and his team’s, every move. “Why you suckin’ my d*ck?!” 6ix9ine yelled at the person.

The person tried to respond but the rapper interrupted him. “Alright, keep it pushin‘.” Someone with 6ix9ine is heard telling the man to move on and “suck another d*ck over there.” You can check out clips from 6ix9ine’s party above and below.

Lil Loaded Indicted On Manslaughter Charges In Connection To Death Of Friend: Report

Since July 2020, Lil Loaded has been facing harrowing circumstances. Last summer, the rapper spoke about being shot as he chatted with fans on Instagram Live. At the time, he taunted his assailants by telling them they needed to “do better,” and following the frightening event, he turned himself in to police on charges of murder in connection to an incident that occurred in October. Loaded denied the accusations against him and shared that he’s being made to look guilty, and in December, he was released from jail after posting $75K bond.

More information has been shared about Lil Loaded’s pending case as Dallas News reports that Loaded, real name Dashawn Robertson, has been indicted on the lesser charge of manslaughter. The 20-year-old stands accused of killing his friend, Khalil Walker, and according to investigators, Walker’s sister walked outside of her home to see the rapper and another person standing over her brother’s body. Authorities have also claimed that they have a video that reportedly shows the shooting take place.

 “There’s obviously no malice here,” said Loaded’s attorney, Ashkan Mehryari, as he also noted that his client and Walker were best friends. When the rapper first posted bond, he was placed under house arrest, but because he must travel for work, he’s since been removed.

It’s also reported that this isn’t the only case that Lil Loaded is facing as he is also dealing with a charge of unlawful carrying of a weapon. It’s unclear how much time Lil Loaded is facing if convicted of the manslaughter charge.


Soulja Boy Accused Of Holding Gun To Nia Riley’s Head While His Friends Watched On

The world watched as Nia Riley entered into Love & Hip Hop history as she was introduced to the series back in 2014. She was poised as Soulja Boy’s girlfriend, and while she spoke about her relationship with the rapper as if it was something serious, Soulja seemed more interested in the party life. The two often fought on the show as Nia confronted women Soulja cheated on her with, and off-camera, their relationship came to an end. Recently, the daughter of music legend Teddy Riley shared on a podcast that she allegedly endured domestic violence at the hands of Soulja Boy, and she detailed her experiences with suffering a miscarriage.

Soulja Boy, Nia Riley, Love & Hip Hop
Jesse Grant / Stringer / Getty Images

“We had an incident when I was pregnant. I feel like we always did,” Riley told blogger Tasha K about the rapper allegedly kicking her in the stomach. “He absolutely knew I was pregnant… I was, like, fifteen weeks. I don’t think I had even told anybody else that I was pregnant. Truthfully, in my mind, I didn’t know what to do or what I wanted to do.”

Now, the remainder of Riley’s interview has been shared where she details another alleged incident where she said Soulja Boy held a gun to her head. “I wanted to leave, I was trying to leave. I had pepper-sprayed him one day, really bad. He tried to take shower and it f*cked him up really bad…. He had charged at me,” she explained. Riley said she kept the pepper spray under her pillow.

Later, Riley claimed that Soulja’s barber arrived and she was aware that his haircuts take approximately an hour, giving her enough time to leave without him knowing. “I’m trying make sure he couldn’t see me from certain mirrors and I packed my bag,” she said. “It’s a crazy situation to try to get out of. I was just sitting there, watching, watching, watching. He hadn’t moved. He didn’t get up for nothing. I got up, got my bag. I walked downstairs. I felt him press [a gun] against the back of my head and I just sat down. I sat on the steps for a couple of hours. He was sitting behind me.”

She claimed that Soulja still had the firearm. “He had friends there that would sit there and watch him,” Riley added. “Nobody ever said anything. It was just crazy. It was something that was private and just us if we were home, but if his friends were there, he didn’t care.” His friends allegedly “enable” the rapper, said Riley, and when it was over, Soulja Boy and his entourage allegedly went back to drinking and partying.

Soulja Boy currently faces multiple accusations of sexual assault, assault, and false imprisonment. Check out Nia Riley’s video below.

Phora & His Team Shot At In Drive-By On Highway, Video Shows Someone Bleeding

His history with narrowly escaping violence is one that has been documented over the years. Former Warner Records artist Phora almost lost his life back in 2011 when he was viciously stabbed and four years later, he was shot at while in a vehicle with his then-girlfriend. The 2015 incident resulted in Phora sustaining injuries to his back and neck from three bullets. Days ago, it’s reported Phora and his Yours Truly team were the victims of a drive-by in a puzzling event that occurred as they were making their way to Las Vegas for a meet and greet.

The shooting reportedly took place on Wednesday (March 3) and Phora shared a brief clip to his Instagram Story that concerned fans. It only lasts a few seconds but the rapper is heard asking if the passenger in a yellow Lamborghini is okay as the person is seen bleeding. Bullet holes are also visible in the front windshield as Phora tells his team that they need to make a swift exit.

“Due to the unexpected events that have occurred, the meet and greets in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego are cancelled,” a statement reads. “Last night Phora and members of the Yours Truly team were shot at on the highway while headed to Las Vegas for a meet and greet. No further details are available at this time.”

“This shooting is currently under investigation and we will provide details/updates as soon as we received them. Please send love and keep everyone in your prayers.” Since that time, Phora has been silent on social media. Check out the video below.

SZA Dreams Her Way Into Fantasy Land In Visual To “Good Days”

It may not be the album that everyone expected, but SZA has given her fans a snack in the meantime. The Los Angeles-based singer hasn’t released a project since her critically-acclaimed debut studio album Ctrl back in 2017, but SZA has been actively in the studio collaborating with her fellow artists. The Top Dawg Entertainment singer expressed her frustrations on social media last year as she vented about her label, but she quickly returned to say that she loves her team and just wanted to give the fans the music they’ve been impatiently anticipating.

On Friday (March 5), SZA delivered the visual to her single “Good Days,” a track she first released on Christmas Day last year. The dream-like, ethereal setting imagines SZA as a glamor-shot fairy-sized being as she sings and dances in the forest surrounded by giant foliage. SZA directed this one herself, so press play above to see her creative vision, including her impressive acrobatic skills on the pole.

Too Short Defends Lori Harvey Against Boosie Badazz’s “Body Count” Criticisms

It’s unclear why people have been so concerned with Lori Harvey’s “body count,” but it’s the topic of conversations far and wide. The 24-year-old model has made headlines over her alleged and confirmed relationships with Justin Combs, Diddy, Future, Lewis Hamilton, and now Michael B. Jordan. Each romance has been analyzed by the public, but after Boosie Badazz told VladTV that Lori is no longer marriage material because of her dating history, many people came to her defense.

“I think we need to stop giving the women the power with situations like this. Girls keep saying it’s ‘goals’ but this is not goals,” said Boosie. “We gotta start giving the bachelors, the men, who are running through a beautiful woman like this the credit. Who not housing her, running through her…  I know Lori is a beautiful woman but we gotta stop giving the glory to the women.” Vlad chimed in that he, too, believes that Lori is beautiful, but she’s not at “the absolute top” of his list.

In a more recent interview, Vlad decided to bring the topic up once again, this time with Too $hort. Vlad revisited his previous conversation with Boosie and listed off Lori’s previous romances but the Rap legend seemed to not get his point. “Is that good or bad?” questioned Short, before Vlad went on again about Lori’s dating life and Boosie’s response.

“I think if you’re like, a ballplayer, and your kid grows up around that environment, maybe that kid might grow up to like ballplayers. I don’t know, if you raise a kid around the entertainment industry, that’s usually what is appealing to you,” said Too $hort. “I get the part about not dating out of popular circles ’cause she has a really popular father and anybody that’s not in comparison to that is like…she can’t really get her own man to stand up to daddy’s status. That’s my opinion.”

He continued, “But I think that—I live in L.A. now, and I done lived in Atlanta for multiple years, I done spent a lot of time in New Orleans, Las Vegas—I lived in Las Vegas for like, ten years—I’m from the Bay, and I can tell you, when you a baller, when you a player, when the females love you to death, it ain’t really like just ’cause a female is beautiful. That’s the reason why everybody wants her. ‘Cause  it’s a whole lot of beautiful chicks out here that can’t get that line-up of celebrity boyfriends or rich boyfriends or whoever she wish to have in her list of men.”

Instead, Short said that “it has a lot to do with who you are as a person, so maybe, she’s a really great person to be with.” He added, “Maybe she’s really smart or a fun-lover or something about her that’s amazing that makes all these guys make her their girlfriend… If you’re man enough to finally go, I want to keep her, the one that everybody wanted, then you keep her.” Watch his interview clip below.

Rapper Chucky Trill Killed During NBA All-Star Weekend In Atlanta: Report

The city of Houston is mourning the loss of a rising star who was reportedly shot and killed in Atlanta. Chucky Trill was an artist on the rise and may have been just around the corner from his big break as he was in the ATL for NBA All-Star Weekend. According to reports, Trill, real name Corey Detiege, was scheduled to perform at a virtual event, but he traveled to the city in order to make industry connections that could help his career in the future. Sadly, Chucky Trill lost his life in an attack that reportedly took place on a highway.

Click2Houston covered the tragedy and reported that according to the Gwinnett County Police, they received notification that there had been an incident on Interstate 85 South. This is a major freeway in the area, so it surprised police to find a vehicle stopped on the road. Upon inspection, they found Trill shot, but still alive and holding on. He was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

The outlet reports that police assessed that Trill had to have been shot while on the highway. However, that seems to be the extent of information they have at this time. It’s stated that investigators don’t have any information regarding the shooting just yet, including reports that there has yet to be a description of the suspect, the suspect’s vehicle, or a motive for the tragic event.

Several artists, friends, and fans have come forward to memorialize Chucky Trill as they collectively mourn his loss in disbelief. Bun B shared a photo to his Instagram and wrote, “Damn. This was a good man. Humble. Hard-working. Loyal. Determined. Focused. And he had the talent… We are heartbroken this morning and send our deepest condolences to D, Bone and all of his family, friends and supporters.”

Bun B encouraged people to stream and purchase Chucky Trill’s music while Lil Flip also shared a few thoughts about the fallen rapper. “I saw what @boneafied saw in you,” Flip said. “Pure talent and a humble so as well. I’m glad I got to interview you on my podcast and we definitely had a great time.”

It’s also being reported that Chucky Trill had just left Erica Banks’s event before the shooting. His father was also a member of Trinity Garden Cartel, a Rap-A-Lot Records rap group in the 1990s. Check out a few tributes below. We offer our sincerest condolences to Chucky Trill’s loved during this difficult time.


Tory Lanez Acknowledges Dropping The Same Day As Drake

Friday was a big day for Toronto hip-hop. Homegrown superstar Drake dropped his Scary Hours 2 EP, while fellow T-Dot native Tory Lanez dropped his new Playboy project. Tory Lanez Gets Clowned For Playboy Self-Promotion A lot of big-name artists blessed their fans with new music on Friday. Tory Lanez noticed and pointed out with […]

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