French Montana Thinks It’s Harder To Make It In Rap Than The NBA

It is true that we live in a day and age where people are creating their careers without the initial help of industry executives, all thanks to social media. Some artists have become stars before ever officially inking a deal, and others have opted to remain independent rather than link their careers with major labels. 

Still, even with viral online popularity comes the trial and tribulations of working as an artist battling it out with millions of others also looking to one day top the charts like their idols. Hopefuls looking into professional sports also face tremendous odds, but French Montana believes it is easier to get into the NBA than to make it as a rapper.

French Montana
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

A clip from an interview from last week shows Montana chatting with HOT 97’s Ebro in the Morning crew. 

“It’s like, you better off making it in the NBA than making it in Hip Hop,” said Montana. “NBA, what they got, twenty-eight teams? Fifteen players on every team.” Rosenberg chimed in that the teams also “rotate all the time.” Ebro Darden and Rosenberg added that even just signing with a team comes with “pretty good money” with the deal, alone.

That’s in the hundreds,” French Montana replied. “You’re talin’ about Hip Hop? You can’t even name teen people that’s hot every couple months. The odds is—anybody could do it if it was easy. So, you’re talkin’ about tryin’ to make it? The hustle gotta be relentless. Can’t take no for an answer.”

Not everyone agreed with the rapper’s take and argued that it is extremely difficult to make it as a professional sports star. Check out the clip and the full interview below, and let us know if you agree with French Montana’s take.