Dr. Dre deletes his celebratory post for Daughter’s acceptance to USC amid public backlash

#Dr. Dre shared a proud father moment about his daughter getting accepted into #USC on her own. He posted a picture of himself and his daughter #TrulyYoung, with her welcome packet from #USC, with the caption “My daughter got accepted into USC all on her own. No jail time!!!” At first glance, the post was timely (with a little shade on the side), considering the #operationvarsityblues, which is said to be the biggest college admissions scam ever (see previous post). But then again, maybe #DrDre shouldn’t have been so quick to make this joke because the #jurors (i.e., the #courtofpublicopinion) never misses any facts! #DrDre was quickly reminded on his shared $70 million donation to #USC in 2013. Though there is no evidence this donation had anything to do with his daughter’s acceptance, it still may not be the best look amid the college scandal. #DrDre removed the post shortly thereafter. #Jurors, was Dr. Dre correct by deleting his post, though he is not affiliated with the #collegeadmissionsscandal ?

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