Chris Brown Hosted 2 Surprise URL Rap Battles At His Mansion

It’s been a big weekend for Ultimate Rap League fans. Not only did the organization link up with Drake for the “Til Death Do Us Part” event in honour of the Canadian artist’s birthday, but they also got together with Chris Brown to host a few battles at his mansion. The “With You” singer even hosted the event and stood by Smack White and Nunu Nellz all night long. 

All Hip Hop reports that Brown said “what the URL.TV movement is doing for the culture is crazy,” before assisting in the coin flip to determine which of the competitors would be facing off first.

The first battle of the night saw Lu Castro and Fonz, two newer URL stars go head to head. Afterwards, Charlie Clips and young Gawd Chess took their turn. These two competitors had already been announced by the organization, but fans weren’t aware that the location of the event would be Brown’s mansion, making it even more special.

@DatPiff on Twitter shared a 16-second clip from one of the battles that sees one of the emcees boldly calling his competition “a fruitcake,” then adding that he could “never touch [his] crown.” In the background, Breezy can be seen intently listening, appearing to almost crack up with a laugh upon hearing the aforementioned bar. He then turns to the person next to him, seemingly praising the rapper in front of him.

Both of the matches held at Brown’s house will reportedly be made available for streaming on Tuesday, November 22nd on Elsewhere in the URL universe, Drizzy appeared to be more than a little tipsy during his event on Saturday night.

Who would you rather watch a battle rap event with, Champagne Papi, or Chris Brown?