Summer Walker Shows Off Her Incredible Vocals In Intimate New Video

It’s no secret that Summer Walker is an incredible vocalist, but sometimes she just needs to remind people. The R&B darling recently took to Instagram to share a performance clip that has fans absolutely smitten. Accompanied only by a keyboard she performs a song in pretty intimate fashion and absolutely kills it. The subtle accompaniment is perfect as she hits pretty much every note in her angelic tone.

Fans in the comments were as impressed as you’d expect. “No shade she could be our next r&b soul queen … but y’all only wanna focus on her love life and appearance 24-7,” one fan commented in reference to her often public dramas. “Baby y’all could play about a lot of things but not her vocals!!” and “Summer gone sang in any season frfr” agreed other highly liked comments on the post. Despite the way some of her public relationships have unfolded, Walker’s fans seem to know that her impressive vocals are the one thing nobody can take away from her. Check out the full video below.

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Summer Walker Blows Fans Away With Her Singing

Earlier this year Summer Walker released her newest project CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE EP. The 9-track project racked up quite a bit of critical acclaim and pulled in two notable features. The ever-elusive Childish Gambino jumped on the track “New Type.” While the record’s opener and biggest hit “To Summer, From Cole,” unsurprisingly sports a feature from J. Cole.

Summer Walker also made an appearance on Usher’s new hit song “Good Good.” She joins the track alongside 21 Savage. “Good Good” wasn’t initially a smash but it’s been picking up quite a bit of traction in recent weeks. It jumped up to a new peak of number 58 on last week’s Hot 100, though it’s expected to slip a bit on the newest chart following the release of Olivia Rodrigo’s new album GUTS. What do you think of Summer Walker’s intimate performance? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Ciara Can’t Contain Her Laughter When Asked About Co-Parenting With Future

Future is a great rapper and lyricist in his own right, with a calling card that many people bestowed upon him over the years. People call him a little toxic in his music, whether about past relationships or hedonistic new ones. No matter how you slice it, the Atlanta trap pioneer unabashedly puts his personal life on display in his art, and when it has to do with other famous celebrities, some interesting narratives develop. For example, his ex Ciara recently answered a question about co-parenting with him. Well, ‘answered’ is a strong word, as she just laughed the whole idea of that off.

Furthermore, the singer was speaking to Thembi of The Shade Room for an interview. “You’re awesome, Thembi,” were the only words that Ciara could muster to answer her question. Of course, this is kind of a brutal and uncompromising way to talk a lot of smack by saying very little. Still, we can’t know whether it’s warranted as simple outsiders to their dynamic. We wonder if Future will ever address this public conception on wax; after all, we know he’s not shy about airing out relationship drama.

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Ciara Finds Co-Parenting With Future Hilarious

Just earlier this year, Hendrix took shots at Ciara’s current man, Russell Wilson, on Quavo’s “Turn Yo Clicc Up.” It was just a simple ‘F**k Russell,’ but the fact it’s so obvious made it a big topic of conversation. The couple are actually expecting a third child at the moment, and Future’s antics and history with the singer haven’t put a dent in their relationship. It’s not an easy bullet to dodge, though, considering how much reach his music and influence has.

Meanwhile, hopefully this co-parenting strain doesn’t take too much of a toll on either artist. Whether it’s from a focus perspective or from a caring one, all we can hope is that this laughter is from a place of acceptance. Still, it would be much better to see him actually support her in their lives more. With that in mind, check back in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on Future and Ciara.

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Sukihana Blasts Haters For Misrepsenting Her Nicki Minaj Comments

Earlier this week, Sukihana expressed her respect for Nicki Minaj. “I respect Nicki, I know I’m not gonna get a Nicki feature,” Suki said. Her comments came while appearing on The Armon Wiggins Show. “I don’t give a fuck if a bitch don’t like me or not,” Sukihana says, keeping it 100 percent real. “But imma still say that I respect [her]… I don’t know if I’m blocked or not, but I will say… I know I’m not gonna get a Nicki feature… That’s cool, I fuck with you.”

However, these comments were somehow taken as Suki saying that Nicki Minaj doesn’t like her because she was in the video for “WAP”. This likely stems from the war between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B that is largely fueled by their online fanbases. Regardless, is uncharitable slander was not taking lightly by Suki herself, who took to Twitter to refute several of the claims being made.

Sukihana Claps Back

“I never said that ??! Stop making shit up about me. He said that,” Suki said of a tweet claiming that she was pushing a false narrative because “Rosalia was in the wap music video and here they are.” Suki then addressed the edited clips published by the likes of The Shade Room and The Neighborhood Talk. “Child I showed love to everybody I’m a real bitch watch the whole thing and get off my dick fr always tryna twist shit. If you gone show clips show the whole thing show me showing love and any blog that play with me I’m home get on y’all asses too.”

Suki also shared a comment she left on Instagram, presumably on the original “clip” of her talking about Nicki. In the comment, she tells the poster to “post the whole clip”. Remaining on the topic of context, Suki says “Show the love I showed showed sexyy, show my love for Cardi in the interview. Y’all gone make me really call y’all out as much drama y’all try to stir up. I said what I said and I stand ten toes down. I’m not a trouble maker or problematic. I speak the truth and show love.”


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Tyrese Details Divorce Process

For those unaware, screen star and R&B artist Tyrese is undergoing thorough quite the arduous divorce process with his ex-wife Samantha Lee. Not only that, but the actor vocalized his thoughts and process throughout this process quite strongly, whether on social media or in press conversations. Most recently, he called his relationship with his ex-wife “just a transaction” as their court battle rages on. On that side of things, the Fast & Furious star expressed a will to challenge the judge’s decision to have him pay $650,000 in child support and legal fees to Samantha and her team. During an interview with The Shade Room at the BET Awards on Sunday (June 25), he answered a question about an update concerning his legal stance and where the courtroom’s at right now.

“Well, everything is being appealed,” Tyrese remarked. “Like, everything. You know, I don’t want to get into the legal rabbit hole. But I can just tell y’all to keep it simple. If you argue about the validity of a pre-nuptial agreement, then it’s considered a contested- that’s legal language. If we not arguing about the prenup or the validity of the prenup, it’s non-contested. Nothing to talk about. But if it’s contested, then we’re trying to creatively argue about the validity of this paperwork that we did.

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Tyrese’s Update On His Divorce In Court

“So yeah, all of those legal fees, everything that’s been going on from the beginning,” Tyrese went on. “We have paperwork that says, ‘If this marriage were to ever fall apart, we have a pre-nuptial.’ Prior to the nuptials, that’s been established. So they cracked it. They cracked the prenup. Yeah, so everything is about to get reversed, flipped. All of my legal fees from the day that she filed, it’s all going to drop on her head. It’s coming.”

Meanwhile, this process proved to be a much more divisive affair among fans than you might expect. In fact, other celebrities like Snoop Dogg have chimed in as well, with the MC publicly supporting the 44-year-old amid his mental health struggles. Only time will tell if this legal procedure gets messier or calmer as their settlement develops. On that note, for more news and the latest updates on Tyrese, come back to HNHH.

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Lil Meech Says Summer Walker “Ain’t Going Nowhere”

Lil Meech hopped on social media today to defend himself against rumors that he had an affair. The actor is currently in a relationship with R&B singer Summer Walker. The Shade Room shared DMs between him and the alleged other woman, and he raced to the comments section. “Y’all need help and will believe anything,” he begins his response. He adds, “Summer ain’t going no where so everybody can go back to their f*cked up lives and keep hating we on vacation.”

The DMs appear to show a conversation between a woman named Anisa Ali Abdu and Lil Meech. In the messages, he asks her to “make a story” up about the two being “homies.” Abdu was also seen wearing Lil Meech’s chain in her Instagram story. Summer Walker took to Instagram to respond to the situation. She posted screenshots between her and Abdu on her story recently, where she asks the woman how she knows her boyfriend. In the DMs, Abdu claims that her and Lil Meech “don’t know each other at all,” to which Walker replies, “how’d you end [up] with his chain on.”

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Woman Claims She Had An Affair With Lil Meech

Walker later posted on her Instagram story, telling people to stop talking about the situation. “There’s a million more things y’all could be worried about than me & this man,” she writes. Walker adds, “It’s been like 3 days now, let’s hang it tf up.” This started fan speculation on the current status of the couple. According to reports, Lil Meech denied the accusations of an affair, telling an outlet “Stop posting cap that ugly a** girl ain’t my girl. “My body guard let his girl put my chain on and I fired his a** the same day.”

Abdu then responded, saying “Lol I’m not ugly first of all MashaAllah,” on her Instagram story. She continued, “Second, the security guard def got no action cut it out. Third, let’s not play, when you called Summer Walker on FT who did you take upstairs to the Ritz?”

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Lil Durk Gets Negative Feedback On “Sad Songs”

Lil Durk has been receiving some negative reviews for his track, “Sad Songs.” The song is from his latest album, Almost Healed, which he shared with fans yesterday. The album has been projected to be one of the hottest of the year, with the LP already taking over streaming charts.

“Lil Durk shoulda dropped his album when he was fully healed because this ain’t it,” wrote one Instagram user. Several other dissatisfied listeners followed suit, claiming that the track’s sound did Durk no favors. One user sounded off about their disappointment, writing, “We Don’t F*ckin like it straight up.” They continued, saying “[Durk’s] last album was good every artist won’t have a hit album all the time.” The user suggests, “he needs to grow more and develop more he already don’t care about lyrics which is really undeserving of him in the industry that’s why it’s garbage.”

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Some Listeners Think Lil Durk’s “Sad Songs” Is A Skip

Lil Durk’s fans came to his defense in the comments section, with one writing, “I like it so keep it cute .. if y’all don’t got nun nice to say don’t respond. Y’all tear down ppl too much.” Another user said, “I think ppl gone criticize regardless because if he do music and it just sounds the same YALL STILL GONE COMPLAIN!!!” They continued, telling the rapper, “DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY SMIRK.” One person wrote on Twitter, “Who ever said ‘Sad Songs’ wasn’t good. Clearly never was a DURK fan. He did what he always does pour his heart on a beat. I’m always Inspired.”

Earlier this week, Durk shared more about his healing process with DJ Akademiks during his Off The Record podcast. He told the DJ, “Everybody mourns.” He added that he’s turned his religion often as a means to get through hard times. Durk says, “I lay the rug down, I pray– I cry on the rug, I cry while I’m praying, I cry during Ramadan.”

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Ja Rule Responds To People Saying He Paved The Way For Drake

When it comes to the fusion of R&B and hip-hop, Ja Rule is certainly an important part of that lineage. However, there is some debate as to the extent of his influence, and The Shade Room asked him whether he thinks he paved the way for Drake. Moreover, they discussed many aspects of his career and life, including his beef with 50 Cent and his views as a family man. At one point, the host said that “Ja Rule walked so Drake could run,” and asked the New York MC if he agreed.

Of course, he stood by the worth of his work and its impact, but he also said that musicians “borrow from each other” all the time. In addition, he noted prior ballads in hip-hop like “I Need Love” by LL Cool J, plus Method Man and Mary J. Blige’s “All I Need.” Still, Ja said he fused the genres more consistently and brought artists together more cohesively. “You didn’t really know who’s record it was [on a hip-hop duet],” he remarked of the duet format when he dabbled in it. “Like when you listen to ‘I’m Real,’ is that Ja Rule’s record or is it Jennifer’s record?”

Ja Rule TSR Interview: Drake, 50 Cent Beef, And Much More

Elsewhere in the interview, Ja Rule also discussed his long-standing feud with 50 Cent, who recently praised Drake, as well. However, Rule believes that the beef is much less serious these days and more about just posturing and social media trolling. The most recent example of this is their spat over Ja’s “Timberwolves Curse” that Fif vowed to lift. Also, there’s been a lot of trolling involving Rule’s participation in the failed Fyre Festival, although he won’t be around for its second iteration.

Also, he spoke on Nicki Minaj’s own influence and impact in the game, who shares a lot of that success with Drake. “I think Nicki gets proper praise,” Ja Rule expressed. “Her place in the game is solidified. It’s solid. There were no female MCs out and about until Nicki came back out. Before her, the last one was like Lauryn Hill. And before her was like Queen Latifah, Salt-N-Pepa, MC Lyte and before her it’s even further back. The female MC — they’re having a run like they’ve never had before. To me, in my opinion, Nicki reopened that door.” Regardless of your take on these topics, log back into HNHH for the latest on Ja Rule and Drake.


Ja Rule Praised Nicki Minaj For Her Career’s Longevity But Deliberately Shaded Every Other ‘Female MCs’ In The Process

Latto may have taken subliminal shots at Nicki Minaj during her set at Coachella, but the “Princess Diana (Remix)” rapper has received love elsewhere. During a sit-down interview with The Shade Room, “Clap Back” rapper Ja Rule had no problem giving his fellow Queens native her flowers.

When asked about his thoughts on the “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” rapper’s impact on hip-hop, he made it clear that “Minaj’s place in hip-hop is [solidified].” However, he didn’t have a problem shading other ‘female MCs’ in the process.

“No female MCs out and about before Nicki came out. Before her, the last one was like, Lauryn Hill. And then before her, it was, like, Queen Latifah and Salt-N-Pepa and artists like this, MC Lyte,” said the rapper.

Rule doubled down on his statement, adding, “The female MCs they’re having a run like they’ve never had before, and to me, in my opinion, I would say Nicki re-opened that door.”

In the video’s comment section, fans called Ja Rule out for leaving out other women rappers like Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Missy Elliott, Eve, and Trina, to name a few.

But Minaj’s fans came to his defense, writing, “She’s had an amazing career in rap that the other ladies don’t,” continuing, “That’s commendable and needs to be studied.”

Watch the full interview above.

Ja Rule Clarifies Relationship With 50 Cent

The beef between Ja Rule and 50 Cent has been going on for more than 20 years. The rappers have gone at each other’s throats in more ways than one. Sometimes, they dropped diss tracks. Other times, they straight up stabbed each other. As violent as their history is, the feud has certainly been a big source of entertainment for many that have followed it. In recent years, the pair seem to have become less serious about the once-violent beef. Now, it appears that Ja Rule is over it completely.

In a new interview with The Shade Room, Ja Rule tells the world how he really feels about 50 Cent. The rapper looks cool and collected as he is interviewed about his once archnemesis. “Is there a world where 50 Cent and Ja Rule call a truce?” the interviewer asks. Ja Rule clearly doesn’t take the question very seriously, choosing to poke fun at the situation. “If 50 Cent was to walk in here right now, what do you think is gonna happen?” he asks playfully. The interviewer responds, saying that she doesn’t really think anything would happen. This prompts an exaggerated reaction from Ja Rule. “Exactly!” he exclaims loudly. This is a very different tune than the two were singing just a few years ago.

Ja Rule and 50’s Beef Spans Decades

The long-standing feud between 50 Cent and Ja Rule is the stuff of legend. It has spanned over two decades, characterized by violence, insults, and trolling. It began with a robbery involving Ja Rule, where 50 Cent’s associate was responsible for stealing the rapper’s chain. This led to altercations at nightclubs and the exchange of diss tracks. Years later, when the two ended up sitting next to each other on a plane, it seemed there might be peace. However, the feud reignited in 2018 when 50 Cent pulled a prank by buying tickets and leaving empty seats at Ja Rule’s show.

Although the feud has taken a more lighthearted tone in recent years, mostly consisting of trolling and social media banter, it has a history of hostility and rivalry. It originated from the robbery and escalated into fights, diss tracks, and even a stabbing. Despite occasional attempts at reconciliation, the feud persists due to personal differences and competition between the two artists. 50 Cent has made it clear that he sees no end to the beef, keeping the feud alive in the public eye. It would seem that Ja Rule disagrees, however. What do you think about his comments on the current state of the feud? Let us know below!

Lil Durk Says India Royale Has Him “In A Headlock,” Defends Her From Twitter Trolls

Lil Durk and India Royale’s curious relationship continues to unfold on social media, as the rapper said she has him “in a headlock.” Moreover, he responded to trolls on Twitter criticizing Royale for her fame and status, debating whether she’s “famous” or just “known.” Furthermore, a lot of people went at her for only reaching the limelight as a rapper’s baby mama. However, that’s a title and rise to fame that the 28-year-old seemed to embrace and not let get to her head. As such, she brushed off the critics and clapped back at a few people on Twitter, which Durk backed up.

“I’m one of the ones who don’t care about y’all saying I got famous from being a rapper baby mama,” she tweeted. “I did, and what about it? It’s Miss Rapper Baby Mama to you.” Then, she kept responding to people either defending her or continually bashing her after her remarks. Still, one of her most vocal supporters was none other than Durkio himself, who took to the comments section of The Shade Room Teens covering these interactions to put some respect on her name… albeit by reaffirming how much he wants her back. “Y’all talking all that s**t lol she got this rapper in a headlock,” he wrote.

India Royale Has Lil Durk “In A Headlock,” He Shares

Interestingly, it’s not like the Chicago MC’s attempts to reconcile have resulted in nothing but scorn from his ex. After all, she defended Durk against YoungBoy recently, and even his baby mama and other rappers got roped into the conversation. Despite all that, their relationship status is still separated at the moment, although they’re on good enough terms to have a good time with their four-year-old daughter Willow together. Recently, The Voice even posted a lengthy and loving birthday message for his former flame, one that he wants to spark again.

“So I ain’t perfect but I’m for you and I love you,” he partly shared on his IG Story. “And I’m all ears when ever we get back in a relationship. You saved my life with you and willow and big sky outside all my kids you was there ripthang. This real s**t don’t attack her she definitely the best in the world trust me. I ain’t do her wrong I just keep her from the world. I love you having fun and we ain’t fighting I said not fight and I started one but I miss you that’s all. We ain’t no jokes we really that we can get the bag bag together without doing the most or copy cat what they did.” Regardless, check back in with HNHH for the latest on India Royale and Lil Durk.