Wiz Khalifa, Big KRIT, Smoke DZA, And Girl Talk Party Like They Mean It In Their ‘Ain’t No Fun’ Video

If ever there was an unexpected supergroup, it would be the unnamed team-up of mashup DJ Girl Talk with blog rap icons Big KRIT, Smoke DZA, and Wiz Khalifa. The group popped up from out of nowhere with their debut single “Put You On” in March, then continued their rollout with “How The Story Goes” a few weeks later. Today, they shared another party-ready anthem, “Ain’t No Fun,” along with a music video that captures the hedonistic spirit of the song.

Girl Talk explained the production philosophy behind “Ain’t No Fun” in a statement, calling it “a flip on the concept of Snoop’s original, kind of from the female perspective of the titular line. I wanted to keep the production diverse throughout the project, while still maintaining a cohesive feel. This beat stands out in the context of the album because it doesn’t have a sample and uses a more minimal style. But I thought that with some of the specific sound design and the overall energy, it really connected to the project as a whole.”

The project in question is Full Court Press, which is due on April 8 via Asylum.

Watch Wiz Khalifa, Big KRIT, Smoke DZA, and Girl Talk’s “Ain’t No Fun” video above.

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The Wiz Khalifa, Big KRIT, Smoke DZA, And Girl Talk Supergroup Share The Breezy ‘How The Story Goes’

The new supergroup of Wiz Khalifa, Big KRIT, Smoke DZA, and Girl Talk is a wholly unexpected one, but the foursome are showing that it totally works. Girl Talk’s Greg Gillis — Wiz Khalifa’s Pittsburgh compatriot — is a deft hip-hop producer. Gone are the frenetic mash-ups that took the world by storm, and instead, we get a breezy, chilled out canvas for three uniquely talented rappers to shine.

The group’s debut album, Full Court Press album, is out on April 8th and Gillis says that “it’s a unique intersection of all of our work.” The tracks tend to feature a combination of the four, with Girl Talk as the only constant. “Put You On” was the first single, and it struck a balance between Wiz’s melodious raps, Smoke DZA’s East Coast punch and Big KRIT’s definitive Southern style. Now on “How The Story Goes,” Wiz and KRIT shine on a mellow groove from Girl Talk that shows the vision behind a project that needs to be taken seriously.

Listen to “How The Story Goes” above and check out the Full Court Press album artwork and tracklist below.

Full Court press
Shot by Cones

1. “Mind Blown” (Wiz Khalifa, Smoke DZA, Girl Talk)
2. “Put You On” (Wiz Khalifa, Big KRIT, Smoke DZA, Girl Talk)
3. “Season” (Smoke DZA, Girl Talk)
4. “How The Story Goes” (Big KRIT, Wiz Khalifa, Girl Talk)
5. “No Singles” (Wiz Khalifa, Smoke DZA, Big KRIT, Girl Talk)
6. “Ready For Love” (Wiz Khalifa, Girl Talk)
7. “Revenge Of The Cool” (Big KRIT, Smoke DZA, Girl Talk)
8. “Ain’t No Fun” (Wiz Khalifa, Big KRIT, Smoke DZA, Girl Talk)
9. “Fly The Coop” (Big KRIT, Girl Talk)
10. “Everyday” ft. Currensy (Big KRIT, Smoke DZA, Wiz Khalifa, Girl Talk)

Full Court Press is out 4/8 via Asylum/Taylor Gang. Pre-save it here.

Wiz Khalifa is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.