Brent Faiyaz & Mariah The Scientist Take Over Our New “R&B Season” Playlist Update

It’s starting to get real chilly… well, in certain parts of the world, anyway, but it helps that our R&B Season playlist updates are always hot no matter the weather. Moreover, we rounded up the best of the best soulful cuts to drop this week, and we have some great albums and singles to go over. First up is Mariah The Scientist, who dropped her ten-track effort To Be Eaten Alive, a brief but nonetheless lush experience. Specifically, the track “Out of Luck” combines classic R&B melodies with a peppy and vibrant instrumental that is as groovy as it is sensual. With other appearances from her boo Young Thug, 21 S*vage, and Vory, it’s a well-rounded and above all tender offering.

However, speaking of features, there’s one placement on our R&B Season playlist update this week that wipes that category clean. In contrast to this last highlight, Brent Faiyaz just dropped the feature-heavy album Larger Than Life, and it’s… well, larger than life. Tracks like “Outside All Night,” with its dusty strings, trap-inspired beat, and vocal harmonies, provide some really creative interpretations within the genre. It helps, too, that A$AP Rocky and N3WYRKLA come through with some energetic and gorgeous guest contributions, respectively.

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HNHH R&B Season Playlist: Stream

Furthermore, this week also graced our R&B Season playlist with some throwback vibes for the 2000s crowd. If you miss classic soul and hip-hop fusions that are glamorous, poppy, and confident, Mary J. Blige and Vado fulfilled your wishes with the single “Still Believe In Love.” On the flip side, if you connect more strongly with the atmospheric and intimate R&B of contemporary fame, Majid Jordan’s new song “Violet” might be right up your alley. We say “might” because it’s a seven-minute slow burn, but its wavy guitar lines, synths, and subtle singing is still potent enough to captivate.

Meanwhile, on the underrated releases end of things, we also have Chxrry22’s new project Siren, on which the woozy “Favorite Girl” with Offset is a clear standout. In addition, there’s LOONY’s new single “Counting Thunder,” whose instrumentation is a more rock and indie-inspired take on rhythm and blues songwriting. Let us know what your favorite track from this R&B Season playlist update is- and which ones we missed this week- down in the comments. Check out the playlist above and come back to HNHH for more great music releases each week.

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B.G. Tells 2 Chainz He’s Planning To Drop 8 Albums

B.G. says that he wants to “flood the streets” with new music. Speaking with 2 Chainz on a FaceTime call that the rapper shared on social media, B.G. explained that he’s antsy to get back in the studio following his release from prison.

“If everything work out, man, I should be back on the road by November, man, December,” B.G. can be heard saying through the phone speakers. “I’m lookin’ forward to it, but I’m boutta get in this lab – do me about seven, eight albums right quick, and just get to leakin’ that shit, man, puttin’ that shit out, floodin’ the streets.”

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B.G. Poses In Chicago

Rapper B.G. (Christopher Noel Dorsey) of Cash Money Millionaires poses for photos after rehearsals for his performance on ‘The Jenny Jones Show’ in Chicago, Illinois in February 2000. (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

The conversation comes after B.G. got out of prison, earlier this month, after serving over a decade behind bars for weapons and witness tampering charges. Upon B.G. earning his freedom, Birdman announced that he will be rejoining Cash Money going forward. “For the record, I just want n****s to know that my n***a [B.G.] official Cash Money — ain’t no cap in that,” Birdman declared on The 85 South Show. “Ya heard me? Ain’t nobody he can ever sign with beside this shit. I’m bringing all this shit together. B.G. signed to Cash Money so y’all don’t got to hear it from nowhere else.” Check out B.G.’s full plans for new music below.

B.G. Speaks With 2 Chainz

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Outisde of releasing new music, B.G. also recently revealed that his main focus is simply staying focused. In a post on social media from September 3, he wrote: “The main focus, is to stay focused. I’m not letting nobody rob me of my productivity, prosperity, positivity and peace of mind. My dreams then got bigger and my vision is clearer. 13 years was more then enough time for me to change the reckless path I was on. I’m getting back in the 100MillionDolla race, and my big homie gave me the route. #RNS”

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