Migos’ Fashion Memorialized at Grammy Museum


Atlanta rap trio, Migos, were celebrated for their contribution to hip-hop fashion and culture at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. The supergroup are known for their dazzling outfits, which were memorialized in one of the museum’s installations. Migos’ Outfits on Display at Grammy Museum The Recording Academy showcased four embellished blazers famously worn by […]

Migos Demonstrate ‘How We Coming’ In A Down-To-Earth Video For The ‘Culture III’ Standout

Migos continue to support Culture III with the video for the album standout “How We Coming.” A bare-bones affair, the video is comprised mainly of behind-the-scenes tour footage and performance shots in a parking lot in front of their foreign cars. It keeps an aesthetic thread going with previous Culture III videos “Roadrunner,” “Why Not,” and “Straightenin,” which have all have a shared “home movie” look to them, perhaps in an effort to show how down-to-earth the Migos are despite their flashy lifestyles.

For what it’s worth, that lifestyle is pretty lavish. Quavo recently bragged that he pays his assistant $5,000 a day and the group plans to take over Las Vegas for a three-day festival promoting the album featuring appearances from Duke Deuce, Gunna, Kash Doll, Lil Yachty, Rubi Rose, and more. With that said, they apparently aren’t above putting on more low-key events; last week, they made their Tiny Desk Concert debut, performing songs from the album including the Jay-Z favorite “Avalanche,” “Happy Birthday,” and lead single “Straightenin.”

Migos members Quavo and Offset have been the most visible, as usual. Offset, who is expecting his second child with Cardi B, recently defended Lizzo from online trolls, while Quavo has handled the bulk of the group’s media tour, tapping out during his Hot Ones interview and needling Kendrick Perkins on ESPN.

Watch Migos’ “How We Coming” video above.

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Migos Defend Their ‘Greatest Band’ Status With An Exuberant Tiny Desk Concert

One of the few good things to come out of the 2020 pandemic forcing a near-shutdown of the entertainment industry was NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts series moving to its “At Home” format, which opened up the concept and allowed more artists who wouldn’t have normally been able to perform due to travel and other commitments to turn in some of the best shows in the series’ history. For instance, Vince Staples and Young Thug both recently put in performances that highlighted new and upcoming releases with utterly magnetic charisma and arrangements.

Migos, the Atlanta-based trio who built their brand with exuberant performances over the past five years, is the latest example, appearing on the latest Tiny Desk Concert from what looks like one of the guys’ living rooms. Playing a three-song set from their new album Culture III including “Avalanche,” “Straightenin,” and “Happy Birthday,” Migos assert their claim for “greatest band in the world,” starting out on the couch and eventually filling the room with palpable, infectious energy.

In addition to a spate of videos for songs like “Roadrunner” and “Why Not,” Migos also have a three-day Las Vegas weekender planned for October to promote the album.

Watch Migos’ Tiny Desk Concert above.

Quavo Bragged On Instagram That He Pays His Assistant $5,000 A Day

How in the world would fans find out the rate that Migos star Quavo pays his assistant you might ask? Well, the rapper himself bragged about the number on Instagram, of course. In a recent post, Quavo shared a photo of himself checking his phone outside while said assistant, one Joshua Washington, held an umbrella over his head to shield the sun and pointed a portable fan his way. Quavo tagged his assistant in the pic, and let fans know, his actions don’t go unappreciated.

Captioning the pic: “5k a Day My Asst. A Millionaire!” Quavo set off a whole conversation among Migos fans about the seemingly exorbitant rate. Then again, given how many stories we’ve heard about extremely wealthy celebrities treating their employees very poorly, this overpayment is a welcome rebuttal. Doing some quick calculations here about Mr. Washington’s total take home pay… if he makes $5,000 a day that’s $35,000 a week and $120,000 a month.

$120,000 annually is considered to be a pretty hefty salary in America, so multiply that 12 for each month and his total annual pay is $1,440,000. In which case, Quavo’s post is right, his assistant is most certainly a millionaire as he makes over a million in a year. Then again, maybe the daily rate is a sporadic one, and he’s not really working 365 like that. Let it be known, I too am available for assistant work if anyone in Migos is in LA for a few days without help and needs a hand.

Bobby Shmurda Returns To The Stage At Rolling Loud For One Of His First Post-Prison Performances

Looks like Bobby Shmurda just took the stage for his first official show back now that he’s officially out of prison. Though Shmurda was slated to appear at the All Star Weekend this spring to perform alongside 50 Cent, that show was unexpectedly canceled. So when the line-up for Rolling Loud was announced this past April, fans were eager to get a do-over for the “Hot N—-” rapper’s long-awaited return.

When Shmurda went to prison back in 2016 on a plea deal along with fellow GS-9 crew member Rowdy Rebel, the pair were some of the, ahem, hottest artists out. Now, it’s still unclear if Bobby can return to his former glory after all this time has passed, but considering his first hit was a product of the viral Shmoney dance and spread via social media clips, it seems like he already has the blueprint down, no? And considering Migos have his back several times over, and he’s closely following his parole guidelines, it looks like he’s well on his way to a come back.

Check out some clips of Bobby’s performance below, and here’s hoping he’ll be gracing a lot more stages this year. If anyone deserves a chance to get back on stage and prove his worth, it’s an artist like him who tragically had his career cut short.