Bianca Censori Is A “Personal Assistant” To Kanye West, Sources Claim

Since Kanye West first introduced the new woman in his life to fans less than a year ago, the couple has sparked plenty of controversy. Initially, Bianca Censori was compared to the rapper’s ex, Kim Kardashian. This was mostly due to her curvaceous figure and long, dark hair. The young woman has undergone some major changes to her appearance since tying the know with Ye. Perhaps the biggest is cutting off her inches in favour of a short, boyish style.

There’s much that remains unknown about Censori and her relationship with Ye. Just a few weeks ago, reports revealed that her Australian family has a serious criminal history and mob ties. Nevertheless, it’s unclear just how close she’s been with them since moving to America. Interestingly, sources who claim to be close to Censori have been expressing worry about her in the media for several weeks now. They’ve been describing the fashionista’s union with West as “so scary” and “isolating.”

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Bianca Censori’s “Brilliant” Mind Not Being Put to Good Use, Insiders Fear

Those reports only continue today (September 18). The US Sun alleges that the 28-year-old’s “brilliant” mind is being rendered useless in her current situation. “Bianca originally took the helm of several of Ye’s real estate projects and helped him spearhead his design ideas,” the source explained. “She’s a brilliant architect and a designer, but she also happens to be really good at communicating with Kanye. She’s been helping him communicate with people who are working with him on various projects, so she’s been relegated to more of a personal assistant role.” Apparently, people in their circle even call her “the Kanye Whisperer.”

It’s obvious that some feel as though Kanye West is the one to blame for Bianca Censori’s outlandish fashion choices as of late. However, even before she exchanged vows with the 46-year-old, the Australian was comfortable showing off her body in front of the camera. In fact, earlier this summer, steamy topless photos from her past modelling days hit the internet and caused a stir. Read more about those at the link below, and check back later for more music/pop culture news updates.

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Stormzy Is Ready For Kids, Heading To Couple’s Therapy With Maya Jama: Source

Maya Jama and Stormzy were much younger during their first attempt at a relationship, and though they had plenty of fun, the pair ultimately decided to call it quits in 2019. Upon reflecting on the split late last year, the British rapper admitted that he was in a far more childish mindset at the time, but he’s since gone through tremendous growth to help shape him into a man who’s apparently ready to settle down. The one-year anniversary of Stormzy’s This Is What I Mean LP is quickly approaching, and with any luck, he’ll have Jama by his side to celebrate.

Social media sleuths began speculating that the former lovers had reconciled in late August. At the time, both the socialite and her ex were sharing content from a beautiful villa in Greece, though neither was quite ready to hard launch the other during their baecation. Eventually, paparazzi caught photos of them wandering through the islands hand in hand, unofficially confirming that their romance is back on.

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Stormzy is Glad to Have Maya Jama Back on His Arm

Stormzy Maya Jama Reunion
Stormzy and Maya Jama attend Idris Elba’s Christmas Party on December 9, 2017, in London, England. (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Since then, the Mirror has learned that they’re even planning to head to couple’s therapy to ensure that things have a better chance of working in their favour this time around. “Stormzy and Maya have never stopped loving each other and want to do all they can to protect their second shot at lifelong happiness. Stormzy has already told friends he’s ready to have kids as early as next year,” an insider dished to the outlet.

Earlier this month, sources revealed that Stormzy has plans to pop the question to Maya Jama in the future – likely why therapy is so high on their list of priorities. Seeing as the Love Island host was engaged to Ben Simmons not so long ago, she already knows all too well the excitement that comes with being a fiancee, and we can’t imagine why she’d say no. Read more about the wedding bell rumours at the link below, and check back later for more music/pop culture news updates.

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Lil Nas X Appears On “Carpool Karaoke,” Explains Preference Of Dating Non-Celebrities

The final episode of James Corden’s late-night show is quickly approaching, which unfortunately means no more of our favourite segment – Carpool Karaoke. Earlier this month we saw the English entertainer and Bad Bunny travel around Los Angeles, and we know that Kim Kardashian is due to appear on an upcoming show. Between those two, though, it was Lil Nas X who took his turn adventuring, chatting, and singing with the jolly host.

Aside from singing along to some of his favourite songs, the Atlanta native also got candid about his love life with Corden. “I  used to use Raya,” Lil Nas confirmed, referencing the popular celebrity dating app. “I think I stopped using Raya… It just like, fell off for me and I just started to meet people in person. And Raya is just very famous, everyone’s famous on there. I’ve met quite a few famous guys. I think I’ve come to know that I don’t like dating famous people,” he later added.

Lil Nas X Sings His Heart Out on Carpool Karaoke

When the host pressed the singer for juicy details, asking if any of his prior dates have been on Carpool Karaoke, the “Old Town Road” hitmaker confirmed, “For sure.” To this, Corden quipped, “Is it Michael Bublé?” causing Lil Nas to respond, “I’m not going to tell you… Michael Bublé?! … Yeah, yeah. You caught me. Could you imagine? Michael Bublé is gay?” Of course, the Canadian icon is straight (and married with three children), but as the foreigner pointed out, “He’s hot and he’s got a hell of a voice.”

As Complex notes, the MONTERO artist has mostly kept his love life away from the spotlight, aside from his romance with Yai Ariza. The performer previously starred in Lil Nas X’s “That’s What I Want” music video, which caused a major stir online at the time. Elsewhere in the news, the 23-year-old jokingly dissed 50 Cent on Twitter over the weekend, earning him plenty of laughs from followers on social media. Read what he had to say to trolls comparing him to the G-Unit artist here, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.


Nick Cannon Calls Mariah Carey A “Gift From God”

It’s always curious and often heartwarming to hear this father of 12 talk about his controversial, yet clearly loving relationships. Recently, Nick Cannon called his ex wife Mariah Carey “a gift from God” during an interview with The Shade Room. In fact, it’s the same interview where he spoke about seeing a future with his other partners and his children. While they may seem like opposite statements, he’d probably gush about each of his six baby mamas the same if given the chance. Still, that first love was something special for him, which he spoke earnestly about.

Moreover, the interviewer asked about whether he still considers Carey the love of his life. “Like the greatest? I mean, I always talk about that,” the Wild ‘N Out alum began. “Then it goes viral and our fans get mad at me. But I was 12 years old with Mariah Carey pictures on my wall and that becomes my wife. And the fact that she’s the coolest person I ever met.

Mariah Carey Is A Gift From God, Says Nick Cannon

“I get a lot of this delightful disposition from her,” he continued. “She’s just always happy, always doing for others. No matter what’s happening in life. I’m like, ‘Wow, a person can really operate like that and don’t allow negative energy into they space.’ When I found that out about how remarkable she was, that woman is not human. She’s a gift from God.” Elsewhere in the interview, he also reflected on having a lot of people in his life that he wants to keep around. Also, he clarified that he doesn’t necessarily see exclusivity, as he loves all of his partners dearly and wants to help them with their children as well.

Meanwhile, he recently and comically responded to jabs that Jimmy Kimmel threw at him during the Oscars. To be fair, they were lighthearted jokes about the number of kids he has, so there wasn’t much reason to take things personally. After all, he’s known to make plenty of cheeky comments about it himself. If you’re interested in more from the Masked Singer host, check out the Shade Room interview here and our own conversation with him here. Also, stick around on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Nick Cannon.

Stormy Daniels’ Secret Marriage To Porn Star Barrett Blade Comes To Light

Stormy Daniels’ name has markedly been in the headlines as of late, mostly related to her former relationship with Donald Trump. For several years, the Manhattan District Attorney has been investigating the former president for allegedly giving the adult film star hush money to keep her quiet about their promiscuous past during his campaign. On Saturday (March 18), the politician made it well-known via his Truth Social platform that he expects to be arrested this coming Tuesday, though he’s maintaining his innocence.

As the surprising news began circulating on social media, Daniels took advantage of an opportunity to shade the New Yorker. “Trump hit that 🤣🤣🤣,” one person wrote in response to a since-deleted video quote-tweeted by the blonde beauty earlier this weekend. To this, she chiefly clapped back, “‘Hit’ is very generous. I’d say more like a pathetic thump, but whatevs.”

Stormy Daniels Shades Trump

While her past with The Celebrity Apprentice star is still very much at the forefront of the public’s mind, Daniels has made it obvious that she’s moved on in her own romantic life. As DailyMail reports, she and fellow porn star Barrett Blade secretly tied the knot last December, 25 years after crossing paths in a bar. They’ve reportedly been friends for the better part of the last two and a half decades, but recently made the decision to turn their relationship into a romantic one.

The 44-year-old is currently directing Lawless, an adult film, alongside her new man. Daniels allegedly packed up her life in Texas to relocate to Blade’s Floridian horse farm, where they’ve been sharing plenty of sneak previews of their upcoming project. “This man has been my ride or die for almost 25 years,” she wrote in the caption of a recent Instagram upload. “BTS photo from the set of ‘Lawless,’ written/directed by me and shot by the sexiest cinematographer I know @barrettblade777.”

Secret Wedding Ceremony

On his own account, Barrett Blade shared an intimate portrait of him and his wife, telling followers that he loves the way she looks at him. The passion in her eyes is evident, and fans can’t wait to see what kind of movie magic they have in store with Lawless. Keep scrolling for more sweet photos of Stormy Daniels and her new husband together, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.


Mariah The Scientist Tweets About Her Longing For Young Thug

In a turn of events, Mariah the Scientist recently took to Twitter to express her frustration with Young Thug still being in jail. The singer, whose real name is Mariah Buckles, tweeted about her heartache in a now-deleted post. She revealed how she currently feels left behind while her beau is locked up, and the long distance seems to be taking a bit of a mental toll. With her number-one supporter no longer by her side, it’s likely the musician is feeling a bit lonely.

Young Thug, whose real name is Jefferey Lamar Williams, has been in jail since May 2022. The rapper was arrested for his alleged ties to the notorious YSL gang. He is also facing another charge for an incident that occurred in May 2021. The artist was allegedly involved in a street racing episode where he was accused of driving over the speed limit without wearing a seatbelt. His trial began in January 2023. The distance has been hard on the couple, who are very attached to each other.

Mariah The Scientist Shows Brief Frustration With Her Boyfriend

Shortly after sending out her message about Thugger being in jail, Mariah the Scientist deleted it. Still, her Twitter page remains full of tweets alluding to her declining mood. She specifically expresses that she does not feel understood by the world. This is not the first time she has made tweets about Young Thug’s incarceration, however. Earlier in the year Mariah tweeted her desire for her lover to come home quickly. She has been supportive of her partner every step of the way.

Even behind bars, the So Much Fun hitmaker has not let his circumstances stop him from reciprocating his other half’s love and support. The rapper has sent balloons and even rose-petal messages to his lady. These gestures of love seem to help ease the pain that Mariah the Scientist is going through. The couple has been publicly together since 2022, and have been very vocal about their love for each other on social media. Check back in to see if Mariah will continue to tweet about Young Thug.


Ari Lennox Tweets About Her Desire To Find Love

Many singles spend their free time searching for the one, and it’s no different for celebrities. Ari Lennox expressed her desire for love in a tweet on March 8. She wrote, “have I made myself unattractive by wanting love so bad? By speaking about it? Complaining about it? I wish I didn’t crave it.” The tweet continues, “I wish it didn’t make me blind, weak, and so dangerously trusting. I wish I had no love inside of me. Wish I didn’t have emotions. Wish I didn’t care 🥺.”

Twitter users were quick to reassure her that a desire for love is a normal part of the human experience. BoyzIIMen member Shawn Stockman replied, “Not at all! Love is being able to be your most vulnerable, your most plaintive yet feeling protected by your counterpart. We all crave it, so don’t feel bad for being human.”

Ari’s Dating Woes

This isn’t the first time the “Pressure” singer has opened up about her struggles with dating. “I’m just bored, I’m bored!” Lennox previously explained. “Or I’ll find someone incredibly interesting and then, like, the sex is terrible. And I’m sorry, but that’s important, or like, you’re scared of my dog.”

She has also opened up about struggling to understand the intentions of the people she’s dating. Specifically, the R&B starlet noted that she has, on occasion, dated men who were not upfront about their music aspirations. “I will never be able to trust that you genuinely wanna be here for me,” she said in a Breakfast Club interview. “And not try to get Cole, or, you know, Dreamville or Interscope.” The age/sex/location revealed that she had dated several “struggle rappers” that left her traumatized. 

Dealing with partners who are secret rappers looking for a big break in the music industry isn’t the only challenge that Ari faces. She shared that she was once in a relationship with someone who pretended not to know who she was. While they were together, that person diminished everything about her. In 2022 the singer broke up with Married At First Sight star Keith Manley II, and she has not been in any public relationships since then. Do you relate to Ari Lennox’s issues with love? Let us know in the comments below.


Kim Kardashian Ready To Date, Wants Man Who “Isn’t Famous In Hollywood”: Report

Kim Kardashian has been a part of numerous failed relationships throughout her life, but she’s not giving up on love. According to a Friday (March 3) report from PEOPLE, the socialite is feeling “ready” to start dating again after ending things with Pete Davidson in mid-2022. It sounds like her next beau could be very different from the men from her past.

When she was only 19 years old, the mother of four eloped with music producer Damon Thomas. Their divorce was finalized three years later, in 2003, at which time Kardashian was spending time with Ray J. During their relationship, the singer and model famously made a sex tape together, which was leaked in February 2007. As many have pointed out, this was the true catalyst for her inevitable rise to fame.

Kim’s Romantic Past

As Us Weekly notes, Kardashian also spent time with two Nicks – Lachey and Cannon – before meeting long-term beau Reggie Bush. They were together on and off from 2007 to 2010. After that, the reality star stepped out with a handful of other stars before connecting with Kris Humphries. She and the athlete were engaged less than a year after meeting. While they went through with their wedding, it ended after just 72 days and wasn’t settled until April 2013.

Kanye West is the man who came into the SKIMS founder’s life next, and though their marriage also ultimately ended, they share four beautiful children together. Their split was publicly played out via the rapper’s Instagram feed, but he’s been far quieter on Instagram as of late. When Kimye went their separate ways, she found a spark with Davidson, but that burnt out after nine months.

Looking to the Future

Kim Kardashian attends as Tiffany & Co. celebrates the launch of the Lock Collection at Sunset Tower Hotel on October 26, 2022, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Tiffany & Co.)

After taking time off from romance to heal and focus on her family, Kardashian has formed a better idea of what she’s looking for in a man. “Kim hasn’t been dating, but is ready again,” insiders told PEOPLE earlier this week. “She took a breather after Pete, but she is interested now. She would love to date someone who isn’t famous in Hollywood. Someone in finance would be perfect.”

Sources shared that the makeup mogul “has a lot of things going on that make her happy,” and being able to share that with a partner would bring her joy. Who would you like to see Kim Kardashian date next? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.

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Iggy Azalea Reveals Valentine’s Day Plans: “Getting This MONEYYYY And Nothing Else”

Some people are desperate for love. Others, like Iggy Azalea, yearn for a different sort of satisfaction – the kind that only comes from seeing your bank account expand exponentially. The mother of one made this abundantly clear with a tweet last week, revealing her Valentine’s Day plans.

At the time, the Australia-born beauty explained that she’s conducting a business meeting on February 14th, rather than stepping out for a luxurious date with a man. “I really love that in my schedule ’cause this year is about getting this MONEYYYY and nothin’ else,” she wrote last Tuesday (February 8).

The last bit of the post found Azalea assuring readers that she’s “skipping the roses for now.” Of course, this isn’t exactly surprising as she’s been making money moves in various areas of her life lately. Not only did she sell her music catalogue in an incredible eight-figure deal, but she’s also been making a killing on OnlyFans.

The “Fancy” hitmaker made a profile on the content-selling site after fans begged her to share more revealing content. She’s been generous about sharing teasers on social media to entice potential subscribers. Still, some have already expressed disappointment in the photos and videos appearing on Azalea’s pay-per-view page.

It remains unclear exactly how much money OnlyFans has brought her. In the days after her account arrived, however, she was quick to shut down rumours about making $307K in her first day.

Iggy Azalea performs at DTE Energy Music Theatre on August 20, 2021 in Clarkston, Michigan. (Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

What we do know is that Azalea was romantically linked to Tory Lanez prior to his arrest. The pair were previously spending some time together. Additionally, the Canadian was rumoured to be executive producing her next studio album. However, following his incarceration, the 32-year-old has been obviously pouring her energy into bulking up her bank account.

Elsewhere on her Twitter page, Iggy recently shared a heartwarming experience with her 7.8M followers. On Friday (February 10), she wrote, “I’ve been so lucky all week! Met a guy who’s bulldozing an old mango grove of 50+ year-old trees. He told me I can pick and have them!”

She went on, “Then today I made friends with a lady and she’s letting me buy two 35-year-old frangipani trees from her! My garden’s about to be so sick!!!” Read more of Azalea’s tweets below, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.


Latto Gets Candid About Her “Real Relationship,” Explains Why She Keeps It Private

When you reach celebrity status, little of your life remains private. In today’s digital age, famous faces can hear critiques of them on every social media platform loud and clear, which is why many of them choose to keep certain things to themselves. Specifically, romantic relationships seem to be an area of issue for many stars. Among them is Latto, who addressed how she handles this during a recent interview.

While chatting with Atlanta’s Hot 107.9, the “For the Night” collaborator broke down her decision to keep her love life out of the spotlight. “I’m smooth with it,” she said of being able to not dish about her beau to the media.

“This is gonna sound so cliche, but it’s the truth. Everything about my life is to be picked apart by social media,” Latto went on. “I gotta hear everybody’s two cents and opinions on something that don’t got nothing to do with them.”

She then assured listeners that her relationship is “real,” and “not like PR stunts.” Because of this, she’s even more serious about “[protecting] it.”

As AllHipHop notes, the rumour mill previously suggested that Latto and 21 Savage are dating. However, the Saint Laurent Don markedly denied having a celebrity girlfriend during a Clubhouse session last month. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean anything as he could simply be protecting their privacy too.

Latto attends the 2022 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 20, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

In the past, the artists have worked together on tracks like “Pull Up” and “Wheelie.” Additionally, the Ohio-born fashionista has publicly given her rumoured man his flowers on more than one occasion.

“[21 Savage] is one of the male Atlanta artists running it, and then I’m the female running it, hands down,” she braggadociously declared last March. “I think it’s just that Atlanta chemistry. I’ve opened up for 21 way back in the day. I was probably 15, 16, or something like that.”

Fans have always been curious about Latto’s relationship status. Lately, though, a particular few internet trolls have been digging through her thirst traps, and subsequently called the rap diva out for sporting the same pair of panties in two separate photos.

Read her reaction to the online drama here, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.