Lil Baby Plays A ‘Squid Game’-Inspired Challenge To Try To Win Some Sneakers

Everybody is obsessed with Squid Game, the Netflix drama in which a group of desperate people competes in children’s games for a massive payout — only to discover that elimination in the games means death. People love the show so much that they’ve begun competing in their own makeshift Squid Games in real life (minus the threat of imminent death, of course).

One such group is the high-end sneaker store Patnmoon, which invited customers to compete in the dalgona challenge from the show, in which a shape must be pieced out of a circular honeycomb toffee without breaking the shape itself. The prize is merch from the store, including Chrome Hearts apparel, Off White Nike Dunks, or a PlayStation 5.

And wouldn’t you know it, the store’s staff convinced Atlanta rapper Lil Baby to try his luck, posting a short video to TikTok. Baby always seems game to play around with TikTok-ers, previously participating in a quiz of his own lyrics (and inexplicably failing somewhat miserably). This time around we don’t get to see how he did, but considering he’s trying the umbrella — the most difficult shape to carve out, according to the show, we can assume he probably didn’t make it.


Lil Baby tries squid game with patnmoon

♬ original sound – Patnmoon Moon

Of course, Baby’s got more than enough money to just purchase the expensive wares at Patnmoon, so he was probably able to laugh off any potential losses — especially since no masked, triangle-faced soldiers were hovering nearby to punish him like in the show.

Lil Baby, 21 Savage, And Others Are Performing On The Virtual 2021 Adult Swim Festival

The Adult Swim Festival went virtual in 2020, and the event is returning in the same way this year: It was announced today that the fest is set to go down on YouTube and HBO Max on November 12 and 13, and a bulk of a lineup was also revealed.

It’s a multi-faceted event, but on the music side of things are previously unseen performances from Lil Baby, 21 Savage, Flying Lotus, Angel Olsen, Alessia Cara, Karol G, Kelly Lee Owens, The Armed, and Sheer Mag, with more artists set to be announced ahead of the show.

Meanwhile, there will also be livestreams and panels from Adult Swim favorites like Rick And Morty, Squidbillies, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Beyond that, episodes of shows like Rick And Morty, The Eric Andre Show, Robot Chicken, Joe Pera Talks With You, Metalocalpyse, and others will be broadcast, accompanied by live chats featuring surprise guests.

Adult Swim has long had its own specific presence carved out in the music world: For years now, the network has teamed up with (mostly alternative) artists to share new music, and they’re staying strong on that front. Just last month, for example, Soccer Mommy and Kero Kero Bonito shared a collaboration, “Rom Com 2021,” as part of the Adult Swim Singles series.

Meek Mill Shares His ‘Expensive Pain’ Tracklist Featuring Lil Baby, Young Thug, And More

This Friday, Meek Mill is set to drop his fifth studio album, Expensive Pain, after a tidy rollout that included both a slick new single with fellow Philadelphian Lil Uzi Vert, “Blue Notes 2,” and some questionable cover art. Today, he’s shared the star-studded tracklist via an Instagram post of the handwritten track titles and features. Scribbled on plain lined paper with multiple differently colored markers, even the tracklist appears to reflect the new “artistic” direction the album appears to be taking.

Along with the aforementioned Uzi Vert, guests on the album include A$AP Ferg, Brent Faiyaz, British rapper Giggs, Kehlani, Lil Baby & Lil Durk (on the previously released “Sharing Locations“), Moneybagg Yo, newcomer Vory, and Young Thug. Also included is the track “Angels,” which appears to be a loving tribute to Meek’s Dreamers artist Lil Snupe and his friend Nipsey Hussle. Meanwhile, it appears “Flamerz Flow” and “War Stories” will not appear on the album — at least not this version. Looking at the trend in releases over the past 18 months, we can likely expect them to pop up on the inevitable deluxe.

Expensive Pain is due 10/1 via Atlantic Records.

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As Concerts Return, Things Are Going Back To Normal… But Should They?

The pandemic isn’t over yet but it certainly felt like it at the Staples Center in Los Angeles when Lil Baby’s aptly titled Back Outside tour came to town Friday night. The Atlanta rising star had a breakout year in 2020 with the release of his album My Turn, earning his first-ever No. 1 single with “The Bigger Picture,” yet he never got a chance to perform the exhilarating, fan-favorite songs from the album like “Emotionally Scarred,” “Get Ugly,” “Sum 2 Prove,” and “We Paid.”

As a bonus, fans in attendance got to witness a split set with Baby’s co-headliner Lil Durk, who had his own album, The Voice, to promote, plus the two rappers’ joint album, The Voice Of The Heroes. Durk’s opening set provided the Chicagoan the opportunity to showcase the talents of his OTF family, particularly Booka600. King Von was honored by a group salute, and when Durk returned to the stage later to perform the joint tracks, the two rappers’ chemistry was palpable.

The energy level remained high throughout the set despite the relatively somber vibe of the crew’s songs, although Coi Leray’s appearance injected more fun into the proceedings when she emerged to perform her song “No More Parties,” which Durk features on. The crowd got more hype for a possible Drake appearance when Durk’s band struck up the Canadian’s Durk-featuring hit “Laugh Now Cry Later,” but he was as close to a no show as it gets for an artist who wasn’t on the bill (he was actually across the country at the time, making a surprise pop-up at J. Cole’s opening show on The Off-Season Tour).

A return to normalcy – whether real or imagined – also means a return of silly gimmicks like floating cars and giant mechanical birds. These are the bells and whistles that get fans out of their houses, that ensure the trek downtown and the money spent on tickets, parking, and overpriced concessions are worth it.

For Lil Baby, that meant a bed, complete with spread, pillows, and a pair of scantily clad female companions, suspended over what can only be described as a stage on the stage (or a massive lightbox). Various other furniture appeared on both stages, including a couch and a jewelry tray, from which Baby added to the glittering collections on his arms and neck as he rapped. His female dance team provided most of the motion on stage as he delivered a relatively relaxed performance — although much improved from the pre-pandemic shy guy who’d stick to one corner of the stage. He even danced a little himself after he brought out another set of dancers who looked to be about middle school age

Along with the aforementioned, there was a rolling clothing rack that Baby gripped as he was pushed from one end of the stage to the other by two of his dancers. A game show ensued when Baby offered to bring a fan onstage to pick one bag that was ostensibly full of money from three bags brandished by his dancers, doing their best Vanna White impressions. Even though the person they picked chose the wrong bag, Baby, ever gregarious, still sent the fan home with the correct one.

Normal also means guest stars, and while this part was exciting, it also began feeling problematic as it wore on. When Roddy Rich appeared atop the stage on the stage, it took a moment for the crown to realize he was up there, but they quickly cottoned on, prompting rousing renditions of his songs “Ballin’” and “The Box.” The place went absolutely ballistic, though, when hometown artist Chris Brown appeared from backstage and danced to his hit “Go Crazy” sans Young Thug. Then, just when it seemed the decibel level couldn’t go any higher without causing permanent hearing damage to everyone within a block radius outside the building, Nicki Minaj showed up, marking her first public performance since 2019. She rapped her verses from “Seeing Green” and BIA’s “Whole Lotta Money” as the crowd roared.

As Baby wrapped up the show with his career-defining hit “Bigger Picture,” it certainly seemed like things have gone back to normal. But that song choice inadvertently begged the question: Should things go back to normal? After all, while the 2020 uprisings certainly seemed like the start of something, that movement was very much pushing back against the status quo. Baby, and so many other entertainers, seemed to be gaining a new social awareness that felt powerful coming from their massive platforms. Then, Baby himself rejected that notion, preferring to remain firmly apolitical. Now, a year later, it also feels like the broader progress that started in 2020 has halted in the push to go “back to normal” instead.

Likewise, it can’t be enough that stars are just recognizable without being accountable. The timing of Nicki Minaj’s appearance couldn’t have been coincidental. She’s facing a backlash over her anti-vax tweets and threatening a journalist, as well as a lawsuit for harassment of her husband’s alleged 1995 rape victim. That’s to say nothing of Chris Brown receiving a hero’s welcome, 12 years on since battering Rihanna without so much as a public apology. There has, however, been a string of accusations since then, including a restraining order filed by Karruche Tran in 2017 alleging violence and menacing behavior.

Compound that with all of the usual reckless concert misbehavior — people blowing smoke indoors, heedless of their fellow concertgoers — and it really hammers home the point. The metaphor of people making personal choices that affect others inside this ostensible safe place is harrowing when the scope is expanded to what’s been going on outside of venues where vaccination is required. Going “back to normal” seems to mean going back to a state in which human decency as a whole is optional rather than the bare minimum expectation of society. Sorry to sound preachy here, but the pandemic and resulting shutdowns offered us a chance to determine a new normal, a better normal. In the bigger picture, that should be more important than any album, artist, or concert.

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Nicki Minaj Made Her First Public Performance In Two Years At Lil Baby’s LA Tour Stop

For the past two years, Nicki Minaj has refrained from making very many public appearances as she focused on her growing family. However, tonight at Lil Baby’s Back Outside Tour stop at Staples Center in Los Angeles, she returned to the stage for the first time to perform her verses from “Seeing Green” and BIA’s “Whole Lotta Money” remix. You can watch videos captured by attendees below. The crowd goes bananas as Nicki emerges from backstage, reasserting her presence in pop culture as a rapper instead of a controversy magnet.

Nicki’s public image could use some rehabilitation after the past few weeks. The “Seeing Green” rapper became the target of backlash and ridicule when she tweeted that she wasn’t vaccinated and shared a relative’s vaccine horror story involving a wedding getting canceled because of the groom’s swollen testes and infertility. Dr. Anthony Fauci debunked the possibility of such vaccine side effects and the Health Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, where the story supposedly took place, even held a press conference to allay the rumor after a thorough investigation.

In the midst of that firestorm, Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, who had pled guilty for failing to register as a sex offender when the couple moved to California in 2019, are being sued by Petty’s alleged 1995 victim Jennifer Hough for harassment. Hough recently appeared on The View to detail both the initial assault from 1994 and the alleged harassment that has gone on for the past two years as the couple supposedly pressured her to recant her original testimony and clear Petty’s name.

Other guests that hit the stage during Lil Baby’s show included local acts Roddy Ricch, who performed his Mustard collaboration “Ballin” and his groundbreaking 2020 hit “The Box,” and Chris Brown, who performed “Go Crazy.” You can see more videos below.

The Most Anticipated Hip-Hop Tours Of Fall 2021

Now that the music industry shutdown of 2020 is over and live entertainment is back underway, it’s once again time to line up some of the tours we’re looking forward to for the rest of the year.

While the past year was understandably quiet for live shows, venues have begun to reopen, festivals have returned, and many of the artists who spent much of 2020 indoors working on new material finally have the opportunity to show it off for an appreciative audience. Artists like J. Cole have spent weeks shaking off the rust and getting ready to head back out on the road, and hopefully, the extra time will have everyone feeling refreshed and energized after using that time to polish up their performances.

The upcoming fall tour season has no shortage of big names but with the likes of Doja Cat, Drake, and Tyler The Creator pushing to 2022, now’s your chance to see the hottest new and rising acts before they blow up.

AG Club — F*ck Your Expectations Tour

These Bay Area ragers bring a loose-limbed party vibe to their music, so it’s almost certain that their live show will follow suit. Serving up a similar vibe to early Odd Future and their offspring like Brockhampton, AG Club’s raucous energy bounces off the walls of any venue, as you can see in their videos for songs like “Memphis” and “NoHo.” This tour runs from September 26 in Brooklyn to the weekend of Day N Vegas in November.

Check out AG Club’s tour dates here.

Bino Rideaux — On My Soul Tour

It’s almost a shame Bino and Blxst aren’t touring their new joint mixtape because that tour would have the potential to be epic. As it is, the two veteran crowd controllers are more than enough to satisfy individually. Bino, of course, is the more straightforward rapper of the two, although he still mixes in his fair share of melody. However, while Blxst populates his groovy West Coast anthems with pure R&B on the choruses and hooks, Bino prefers to take a more rhythmic, gangster approach that still holds enough appeal for fans of all tastes.

Check out Bino Rideaux’s tour dates here.


Bring a date, thank me later. Blxst’s warm, soulful grooves and laid-back nighttime vibes make his shows feel more like house parties. The smooth appeal of tracks like “Gang Slide,” “Chosen,” and “Overrated” lend themselves to slow-dance euphoria while still remaining boisterous enough to keep the whole crowd moving all night long.

Check out Blxst’s tour dates here.

Don Toliver

Toliver made waves last year when he declined to appear on XXL’s Freshman cover, so it’ll probably be worth checking out his live show to see why. The Houston crooner has rapidly become a fan favorite, getting a tremendous boost from his Cactus Jack label head Travis Scott, but showing over the last two years that he’s more than capable of standing on his own. Meanwhile, with “Whole Lotta Money” hitmaker BIA in tow, this tour should be at the top of your “can’t miss” list.

Check out Don Toliver’s tour dates here.

Fugees — The Score Reunion Tour

A late addition to the list, the iconic Jersey trio is reuniting for the first time in 15 years to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their classic 1996 album The Score. Consider this tour at your own risk; group member Ms. Lauryn Hill is notoriously prone to showing up late and refusing to perform unless the vibe is right, while the band’s personal relationships have been strained over the years. However, given how rare a reunion is, that risk may end up well worth it, especially since The Score is considered one of the best hip-hop albums of all time.

Check out Fugees’ tour dates here.

IDK — The USee4Yourself Tour

As eclectic and experimental as his latest albums have been, the DMV rebel knows exactly how to deliver onstage, as he’s proved on previous tours and at countless festival appearances. A true rapper’s rapper, IDK also brings a sharp, unique sensibility to the stage, using his magnetic presence to control the energy level like a seasoned veteran. He really cares about how things look and sound and his personality is as electrifying when he performs as it is in his records.

Check out IDK’s tour dates here.

Isaiah Rashad — The Lil’ Sunny’s Awesome Vacation Tour

The Lil’ Sunny Tour is already in progress, but if it hasn’t hit your city yet, make a plan to check it out because this stage veteran really knows how to move a crowd. In addition, he’s bringing along his newest TDE labelmate Ray Vaughn, who has proven to be a capable MC himself. Watching them, it’s obvious how much they love to perform and they reciprocate every jolt of energy the crowd sends their way.

Check out Isaiah Rashad’s tour dates here.

J. Cole — The Off-Season Tour

Likewise, J. Cole’s tour has already launched and he’s already making waves for his choice of attire: Sweatpants and Crocs. It looks like at least one person is bringing quarantine cozy fashion with him. But don’t think that means he’s a slouch onstage. If anything, the year he spent sharpening his craft has also honed his stage show and his lazy wardrobe is a sign of his confidence in the stagecraft and presence he brings night after night. His Queens brethren Bas is also along for the ride, and when these two link up, good things happen.

Check out J. Cole’s tour dates here.

Lil Baby & Lil Durk — Back Outside Tour

Lil Baby is currently one of, if not the hottest hip-hop act on the scene today. He’s also bringing the rapidly rising Coi Leray and his Voice Of The Heroes partner Lil Durk along, so buckle up. The hype levels for Lil Baby’s performance are always off the charts and while this will be our first time to see how he and Durk share the stage, if their on-record chemistry translates live, it’ll be a sight to behold.

Check out Lil Baby & Lil Durk’s tour dates here.

Lil Tjay — Destined 2 Win Tour

Tjay has proven to be a can’t-miss performer at festivals. It’ll be interesting to see how he condenses that energy for an indoor show after a year off. While that would worry me with some artists considering the lost year of practice and development, the precocious Tjay has already shown a natural gift for projecting his cocky persona to the back of the house. While he’s likely never experienced the sometimes grueling tour life, he seems like someone who can thrive in that environment.

Check out Lil Tjay’s tour dates here.

Playboi Carti — Narcissist Tour

Say what you want about Carti’s last album, but Whole Lotta Red probably sounds a whole lot better in a sweaty mosh pit — the way it was intended to be heard. Add in the possibility that he could very well debut an entirely new project while he’s on the road — we call that “rock star sh*t” in the biz — tapping in will at least net you a great show and at best give you a chance to say you heard the new sh*t first.

Check out Playboi Carti’s tour dates here.

Rod Wave — Soulfly Tour

The Florida crooner has made tour life a huge part of his visual presentation — nearly all his videos feature at least some footage. Anyone who prides himself on his performance that much must put on a good one. His packed schedule has taken him from Houston to Minneapolis, but you can catch the latter half of his tour anywhere from Chicago this week to his final show in Seattle in late October.

Check out Rod Wave’s tour dates here.


Snot first rose to prominence behind the intense, punk-like energy of his youth-packed live shows. His return to the road is more than welcome. He’s also one of those young rappers for whom presentation is every bit as important as his presence, so I have every confidence he’ll be one of the top artists on this list when it comes to making it a night to remember.

Check out Snot’s tour dates here.

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