Are Chrissy & Jim Jones Still Together?

In the ever-evolving landscape of hip hop, few love stories have captured our attention quite like the enduring romance of Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones. From their unforgettable proposal on the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop to their candid moments on social media, this power couple has enthralled fans with their unwavering love and loyalty. As we dive into the captivating journey of Chrissy and Jim’s relationship, we’ll explore the rollercoaster ride that has defined their love story. From their Harlem beginnings to becoming one of the most influential couples in hip hop, it has been a wild ride. Get ready to be swept off your feet as we delve into the passionate, tumultuous, and inspiring union of Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones.

The Beginning: When Harlem Met Love

The story of Chrissy and Jim’s romance long before they met at a lounge in the early 2000s. The pair are both from Harlem and knew of the other, but it wasn’t until that day in Miami that they actually exchanged numbers. In an interview with Global Grind many years ago, the couple joked about the first introduction. Chrissy admitted that Jim helped her out of a sticky situation. He smirked that she was “Sweatin’ me for my number,” to which she disagreed with a laugh. Check out that story above.

Jim Jones & Chrissy Join Love & Hip Hop

In 2011, the couple decided to share their love story with the world by joining the cast of VH1’s hit reality series, Love & Hip Hop. The first season of the Mona Scott-Young-produced series highlighted hip hop couples maintaining relationships in the entertainment industry. Jim and Chrissy’s relationship quickly became a fan favorite, with viewers tuning in to witness their real-life romance unfold on-screen.

Chrissy’s desire to marry after spending years with the Dipset icon was a focal point of their early storyline. Although she often waged war with Mama Jones, Jim’s beloved mother, the connection between the rapper and his leading lady never swayed. Chrissy even proposed to Jim, and he would later return the favor. Although they have spent nearly two decades together, they still haven’t tied the knot.

The Rollercoaster Of Marriage

Throughout their time on Love & Hip Hop, Chrissy and Jim faced numerous challenges as they navigated the pressures of fame and the complexities of their relationship. One of the most significant issues was their ongoing debate about getting married. While Jim proposed to Chrissy in 2011, the couple has yet to tie the knot officially, leading to fan speculation and concern. These days, the couple seems just fine with where their relationship is. They’ve continued to occasionally appear on reality television, where they attempt to hash out their issues. Chrissy is no longer interested in tying the knot, yet Jones is now ready to make things official.

A Long-Lasting Love

Fast forward to the present day, and Chrissy and Jim remain among the most iconic and influential couples in the hip hop world. Their relentless love has inspired many, and they continue to showcase their relationship through various platforms. In 2019, the couple starred in their spin-off series, Jim & Chrissy: Vow or Never, documenting their journey toward marriage.

While they have yet to walk down the aisle, their bond remains stronger than ever. Chrissy and Jim prove that true love can withstand the test of time. They’re also one of hip hop’s favorite couples on the scene, as Chrissy and Jim often hit up events. Whether at the clubs, at Jim’s shows around the globe, or, more recently, celebrating Lampkin’s birthday with their loved ones, they don’t hesitate to have a good time while maintaining a solid foundation.


Did Pusha T Respond To Jim Jones’ Recent Comments?

Jim Jones has had a lot to say about Pusha T over the past few of weeks, despite the rappers seemingly having no recent issue with each other. It all started when Jim Jones made an appearance on Spotify’s RapCaviar podcast, where he made an objection to Billboard and VIBE’s 50 Greatest Rappers Of All Time list. Jim Jones specifically took issue with Pusha T’s placement at No. 29, saying, “What has he done that puts him in the greatest rappers of all time besides talk about coke that he probably didn’t get himself?”

Jones continued, “He’s nice as sh*t. He could rap his ass off, but what has he done? Nobody has dressed like him. Nobody wants to be like Pusha T. I don’t remember nothing. And let’s not be evil, but we don’t talk about rap where the n**** that’s popping the b*tches wanna f*ck and the n****s wanna be like. I don’t know too many n****s in this game that was leaning towards being like Pusha T.” Jones doubled down on his comments during a later appearance on The Breakfast Club, saying, “Could you name five Pusha T records? No. Could you rap to five Pusha T records?” He added, “I never wanted to be like Pusha, I never had a Pusha moment in my life. Where I’m from, n****s wanted to be like you if you was really that dude as a rapper.”

Music fans knew it was only a matter of time until Pusha T offered a response to Jones’ comments and it appears that may have sent his first minor shot. On April 21, Pusha T posted a picture with fashion designer Jerry Lorenzo ahead of his performance at the Fear of God fashion show at the Hollywood Bowl. “Places they’ll never be, stages they’ll never see…,” Pusha wrote under the post. “Jerry, you turned the Hollywood Bowl into your world and let me be apart of it…forever grateful.”

It’s not the most direct response to Jim Jones’ comments, but for some, it’s direct enough.

You can view Pusha T’s post above and judge for yourself.

Jim Jones, Fabolous, Maino & Dave East Working On Gym-Inspired Album

When it’s time to get gains, rappers often focus just as much on the strength of their pen as they do on the strength of their bodies. Now, four New York MCs are teaming up to bring those two worlds together for a full project- and really show the weight of their work. Moreover, Jim Jones, Fabolous, Maino, and Dave East are reportedly working on a gym-inspired album titled Fit Lit. If you recognize that title, it might be because they released a song of the same name on Jones and DJ Drama’s collab tape, We Set The Trends.

Furthermore, this new information comes straight from Maino, who spoke to the Amazing AllHipHop Podcast. Although he didn’t share a release date, he said that the album is almost done. “I’m gonna tell you some secretive shit that I’ve never talked about,” he revealed to the hosts. “It’s actually an album that’s I’ll say 85 percent done. Me, Jim, Fabolous and Dave East. Fit Lit– it’s us together because we be working out. That’s our little Fit Lit Club. We got some heat.”

Jim Jones, Dave East, Maino & Fabolous’ Fit Lit Album Inspired By Working Out

In addition, the quartet also dropped a music video for their collaborative track, directed by Will G, Shula The Don, and Jim Jones himself. In it, all four trade bars inside the Impact Zone Fitness and Sports Performance gym in Norwood, New Jersey. Not only that, but their fits in the visual actually call back to a viral clip of Capo and Maino roasting Fabolous for his gym wear. Of course, that was ironic because just about a week later, Maino roasted Jim for his outfit while working out.

“Bro, nah, don’t take the coat off now,” Jim joked about Fab’s look. “Yo, look how he come out! We in the gym, bro! Yo bro, why we coming to work out? You got all your s**t laid out for the week?” Hopefully, that playful and friendly banter made for compelling and entertaining bars on Fit Lit. Regardless, we’re sure they’ll update us on gym hijinks along the way. For the latest on Jim Jones, Fabolous, Dave East, and Maino, stay logged into HNHH.


Jim Jones Keeps It Real About His Relationship With Ma$e

Jim Jones has never been one to hold his tongue about anything. From wild takes to his weather reports, Jim Jones speaks his mind. The Dipset rapper didn’t hold back in a recent interview with the Breakfast Club. In the interview Jones was asked if he and Ma$e were good, he kept it brief. He noted of the trio of him, Ma$e, and Cam’ron were thick as thieves growing up dating all the way to high school. Jones even revealed that he let Ma$e and Cam stay at his house when they got kicked out of college.

Initially, Jim Jones gave the It Is What It Is hosts their flowers on their contributions to Hip Hop. However, he quickly segued to a reluctant response when asked about his relationship with Ma$e. “I don’t care about Ma$e” he told the Breakfast Club. “I don’t care for Ma$e too much,” he continued, “tell Ma$e to go say some prayers.” It’s crystal clear that Jones still had some residual feelings regarding the man that “taught him how to rap.” Not only that, Jones did give kind regards to his Dipset partner’s new sports talk show, along with their skills on the court back in the day.

Jim Jones Kept It 1000

Admittedly, he agreed the show was entertaining, and that the two hosts are a pair of comedians. Jim Jones let it be known that Cam’s show It Is What It Is is dope and he hopes the duo gets a bag from it. This is far from the first time Jones has kept it real. He also doubled down on his comments about Pusha T not being a top 50 rapper. The rapper questioned Push’s relevance and catalog asking the Breakfast Club host what songs they knew word for word from the Clips Rapper.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jones went around asking Charlamagne and DJ Envy along with other staff if they could rap along to five Pusha T songs. Although the Harlem native gave Pusha his props that he is a great lyricist, he said he hasn’t made a big enough impact culturally to be considered an all-time rap great. Is Jim Jones wildin’? What do you think of Pusha T? Let HNHH know in the comments below!

Pusha T Seemingly Responds To Jim Jones

Jim Jones recently lit the rap world on fire by suggesting that Pusha T is not an all-time MC. “What has he done that puts him in the greatest rappers of all time?” he asked on the RapCaviar Podcast. “Besides talk about cocaine that he probably didn’t get himself. He could rap his ass off but what has he done? Nobody has dressed like him, Nobody want to be like Pusha T. I don’t remember nothing. I don’t know too many n***as in this game that was leaning towards being like Pusha T.”

Now, it seems like the “Nosetalgia” MC might have responded in a post thanking Jerry Lorenzo for including him in his Fear Of God show. Furthermore, people came to that conclusion thanks to the boastful caption included- plus the inevitable context of the Dipset MC’s words in everyone’s minds. “Places they’ll never be, stages they’ll never see…” the Virginia Beach native wrote on his post. Of course, this could mean anything, and knowing that Push is one to directly address detractors, it’s probably not a pointed comment like many believe. Still, fans can only dream.

Pusha T May Have Clapped Back At Jim Jones

In addition, Jim Jones recently doubled down on his take on The Breakfast Club, asking the radio staff some questions to prove his point. “Could you name five Pusha T records?” he asked. “Could you name five Pusha T records? No, could you rap to five Pusha T records? Could you rap five [Jay-Z] verses if they came on? Could you rap five Drake verses if they came on? You lying because you work at radio. I’m just gonna say that because n***as gonna say Jim went way wildin.

“Shoutout to Pusha T, I love your soul,” Jim Jones continued. “You my dawg, you not in my top 50. You might be in Charlamagne’s top 50 and things like that, but you haven’t done that much for me in my life. I never wanted to be like Pusha, I never had a Pusha moment in my life. Where I’m from, n***as wanted to be like you if you was really that dude as a rapper.” Regardless of whether Push really responded or not, return to HNHH for more on Jim Jones and Pusha T.

Jim Jones Doubles Down On Pusha T Criticism

Jim Jones is not giving up on his dismissal of Pusha T as a top 50 rapper of all time, now taking his criticism to the radio. Moreover, the Dipset member popped by The Breakfast Club on Friday (April 21) and doubled down on his takedown of the Clipse MC’s place in the culture. Not only that, but he asked various members of the radio show whether they could name or rap along to five Push records. It seemed like Charlamagne Tha God was the only one able to do so, proving Capo’s somewhat narrowly framed point. Regardless, he went on to give Pusha his flowers while commenting on his cultural impact, which is key in Jones’ eyes to be an all-time spitter.

“Could you name five Pusha T records?” Jim Jones inquired to Charlamagne, who gave some highlights from his discography. “Could you name five Pusha T records? No, could you rap to five Pusha T records? Could you rap five [Jay-Z] verses if they came on? Could you rap five Drake verses if they came on? You lying because you work at radio. I’m just gonna say that because n***as gonna say Jim went way wildin.’

Jim Jones Stands By His Critiques Of Pusha T On The Breakfast Club

“Shoutout to Pusha T, I love your soul,” Jim Jones went on. “You my dawg, you not in my top 50. You might be in Charlamagne’s top 50 and things like that, but you haven’t done that much for me in my life. I never wanted to be like Pusha, I never had a Pusha moment in my life. Where I’m from, n***as wanted to be like you if you was really that dude as a rapper.” For those unaware, the debate sparked from a RapCaviar Podcast conversation discussing Billboard and VIBE‘s list of the 50 greatest MCs, specifically Pusha T’s No. 29 placement.

Elsewhere in the conversation, he also doubled down on Drake being the best rapper. Given their storied beef, it adds a bit of context to Jim’s words. In addition, he also expressed belief that Big Sean, YoungBoy, and Cam’ron should all rank higher than the Hell Hath No Fury artist. At the end of the day, though, it’s just one of many hot takes surrounding that list. Regardless, stay logged into HNHH for the latest on Jim Jones and Pusha T.


Jim Jones Sparks Controversy After Voicing His Opinion On Grown Men & Cartoons

Jim Jones

Jim Jones received backlash on Twitter after suggesting that adults, especially men, should not watch anime or cartoons. His comment was met with disagreement from many users on social media, calling him out for being “lame” or an “old head.” In an interview with Complex, Harlem rapper Jim Jones gave his opinion on adults watching […]

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Joe Budden Reacts To Jim Jones Placing Big Sean Above Pusha T

Two G.O.O.D. Music affiliates are being pitted against each other in the world of hip-hop debate- and it’s not pretty. Moreover, Joe Budden recently reacted to Jim Jones saying that Big Sean deserves to be on a top 50 rappers list before Pusha T does. Not only that, but the Slaughterhouse MC turned media mogul vehemently dismissed these claims and said that the Dipset head honcho “could not be more wrong.” Wherever your take lies in that debate, you can’t deny that it’s at least a pretty contentious topic of conversation, especially considering both their careers.

“I think Jim Jones is incorrect saying that Big Sean should be ranked higher than Pusha T on a list. I am emphatically saying you could not be more wrong. And that’s where it gets disrespectful because Sean just got here in 2012. 2011, 2013? Somewhere around there. He did everything he had to do, sold a bunch of records, but now, it’s a little on the quieter side. I’m saying this respectfully. We in 2023. That’s ten years. I won’t assume [about label issues affecting Sean]. All I can say for fact is, ten years later, it’s on the quieter side of things. So y’all out there have to put a little more respect in the people that are twenty years in.” Budden’s cohosts agreed that longevity, consistency, and quality are in Push’s favor.

Joe Budden Blasts Jim Jones For Placing Big Sean Above Pusha T

Even though Big Sean might not be making the splash that he used to, don’t think that means that he’s off the map. For example, he just gave an excellent guest performance on the track “Palisades, CA” from Larry June and The Alchemist’s collaborative album. Also, his last album Detroit 2 was a significant step-up in the eyes of many fans. Ultimately, the lesson here is to put some respect on both names, especially when they typically coexisted in two very different lanes despite being in the same clique.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Pusha T… well, are you going to doubt his greatness and catalog? As a true rapper’s rapper, he earned a lot of respect from every corner of the game, from its most important progenitors to the young kids he inspired- and that then inspired him. Maybe Jim Jones is using a different metric to determine Push’s greatness, but it’s likely that the Clipse legend will get far more defense than scrutiny in this debate. Regardless, log back into HNHH for the latest on Jim Jones, Big Sean, Joe Budden, and Pusha T.

Jim Jones Plays Rowdy Rebel In A Game Of One-On-One

Jim Jones has accomplished a lot of things in the music game. As an original member of Dipset, Jones cultivated a loyal following during his heyday as a rapper. Additionally, he has made the transition from beloved rapper to a successful record executive. Furthermore, Jones has established himself as one of hip-hop’s most biting social critics. However, one place he hasn’t exactly excelled at is the basketball court.

Many rappers have established themselves as great hoopers. Stars such as lil Durk and Quavo have shown their skills on the hardwood in the past. Additionally, J. Cole has even played semi-pro basketball in Africa and Canada. However, Jim Jones will likely never be praised for his basketball acumen. The Hip-Hop Wolf posted an Instagram video of the pair. In the clip, Rowdy can be seen crossing up Jones. Rowdy also runs past Jones to score multiple times. Admittedly, there is a considerable age gap between the 46-year-old Jones and the 31-year-old Rowdy Rebel. However, the difference in skill between the two is hard to deny.

Jim Jones Always Speaks His Mind

Elsewhere, Jones has continued to be a lighting rod for controversy. Jones has long been known as one the industry’s most outspoken voices. Jones recently claimed that he would charge Dr. Dre $2 million if Dre drops any of Dipset’s unreleased records. Meanwhile, Jones also had a problem with Billboard and Vibe’s list of the top 50 rappers of all time. The list put Bronx native Pusha T at number 28. However, Jones questioned why Pusha T was included on the list at all.

Additionally, Jones has repeatedly stated his belief that Drake is hip-hop’s GOAT. Furthermore, he has gone so far as to claim Drake as the group’s fifth member. Meanwhile, Jones has also been open about his falling out with fellow Dipset alum Cam’ron. Jones’ provocative nature is what a lot of fans like about him. Many fans believe modern artists try too hard not to be controversial. However, Jones’ often abrasive personality is seen as a breath of fresh air by many. We will see what new proclamations Jones has going forward.