USA And Canada Stunned In FIBA World Cup Semifinals

Neither the US or Canada, two of the hottest teams in the FIBA World Cup this year, will contest the final on Sunday. Canada, led by a phenomenal Shai Gilgeous-Alexander fell to a Serbian team that didn’t even have Nikola Jokić. The Serbs beat Canada 95-86, with Bogdan Bogdanović putting up a team-high 23 points. “It doesn’t matter who’s not here,” Serbia’s Marko Gudurić said. “It’s all about this group of guys, whoever is here, whoever is wearing this Serbian jersey. We never give up. We fight until the end. It’s in our blood.”

Meanwhile, the US were favorites against Germany. The German side might have been white-hot, but their nail-biting win against Lithuania in the quarterfinals showed how much they had been relying on Dennis Schröder. Schröder had 17 points, but it was his teammates who helped push Germany past the Americans. Bayern Munich’s Andreas Obst had 24 points while the Pacers’ Daniel Theis had 21 and the Magic’s Franz Wagner had 22. Anthony Edwards had another great performance for the US. However, he was just one of four American players to reach double-digit points.

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US And Canada Must Settle For Bronze Medal Match

While both teams still secured the consolation prize of Olympic qualification, a bronze medal match finish will be bitterly disappointing. As mentioned, both teams were seen as gold medal favorites at this World Cup. Canada especially finally seemed to be taking advantage of the nation’s golden generation of stars. Meanwhile, while many slammed the US as being a B or C team roster, they were widely expected to run through a German team with just four active NBA players.

The US played a physically small roster all tournament but in their two losses, Lithuania in the second group stage and Germany in the semis, that decision was painfully exposed. As the Olympics roll around next year, Steve Kerr may want to rethink his team strategy. Furthermore, the exit of both major North American teams really gives credence and validation of Noah Lyles’ outage that the NBA champions are dubbed the “World Champions of Basketball”.

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Travis Scott Might Replace 21 Savage On Canadian Dates Of “It’s All A Blur” Drake Tour

In the city of Vancouver, there’s currently a lot of disappointment floating through the air, but also a lot of excitement. Moreover, the “It’s All A Blur” tour with Drake and 21 Savage recently had to postpone its Monday, August 28 date to Wednesday (August 30) due to technical and safety difficulties in the stadium. Not only that, but the Atlanta MC is unable to attend the Canadian dates of this tour due to ongoing legal trouble with immigration law that he continues to battle. However, based on some eagle-eyed air traffic scouting and tour promo at the venue, it looks like the 6 God found a solution for his treacherous twin’s absence.

Fans think that none other than Travis Scott is taking the stage in 21’s stead. Furthermore, this is because apparently La Flame’s jet landed in Vancouver recently (unconfirmed social media hearsay) and a picture of him was shown in tour promo for the night. With an August 29 date also on the cards, it’s possible that Travis Scott brings a lot of heat to this leg of the “It’s All A Blur” tour. After all, between his collabs with both Drake and 21 Savage, there’s a lot of fan-favorite material to celebrate.

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Fans Speculate That Travis Scott Will Perform With Drake For Canadian Tour Stops

In fact, there’s also a lot of new ground to cover. For example, the three MCs have a collab on Drake and 21 Savage’s Her Loss: “P***y and Millions.” In addition, the touring spitters also appear on Travis Scott’s new album UTOPIA. The Houston creative and Drizzy make fireworks on “MELTDOWN,” whereas the Slaughter Gang head honcho features on the project twice. One is the energetic track “TOPIA TWINS” alongside Rob49, and the other is the gorgeous “TIL FURTHER NOTICE” with James Blake.

Meanwhile, all this speculation drove fans wild on social media, and the show’s postponement means that there’s an extra 24 hours to speculate. Given the hype behind all these artists, this could make for a really special moment. It’s a shame that 21 apparently won’t be there to enjoy his time. Still, we’re sure that Travis, if he comes out, will bring something new an electrifying to the table. On that note, keep checking in with HNHH for the latest on Travis Scott, 21 Savage, and Drake.

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Russ Helps Fan Deal With Aggressive Security: “What’s Wrong With You?”

Russ stopped a concert at Calgary Stampede in Canada, earlier this week, when the security team got into it with a female fan. In a clip that’s since made its way to social media, the rapper calls out members of the security for being too “aggressive” and eventually climbs off stage to help the fan.

“What y’all doing?” Russ asked. “Yo, yo, that’s a female bro. What’s wrong with you? Yo! That’s a woman, dog. You don’t need to be that aggressive. It’s five fucking dudes. What are ya’ll doing? Damn dog.”

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Russ Performs In Brazil

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL – DECEMBER 1: Rapper Russ performs live on stage at Audio Club on December 1, 2022 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.(Photo by Mauricio Santana/Getty Images)

From there, Russ jumps off stage as fans cheer him on. “All I saw was just five grown men with one chick, like doing way too much,” Russ said when returning back to the stage. “I don’t know if there was a fight — that was OD.”

Many fans online also took Russ’ side in the incident. “Security always doing too much,” one fan wrote on Twitter. Another took to the defense of the security team. “Nah bro. She didn’t leave and grabbed the pole. Who cares if she’s a chick,” they argued. “You fight back with five guys there they’re going to push back. They didn’t hurt her they got her out of s restricted area. Nothing wrong with that.”

Russ Pauses Show To Question Security

Russ’ performance comes just over a month ahead of the release of his next studio album, SANTIAGO, which will be dropping on Friday, August 18, 2023. Russ made the announcement with a lengthy statement posted on social media, last month. “This album represents my mental, spiritual, physical and emotional journey to my treasure (I talk more about what my treasure is on the album but it’s symbolized by the pyramid). The journey at times wasn’t and isn’t pretty,” Russ wrote at the time. “I’ve put myself through the ringer and beat myself up quite a bit along the way. The front cover depicts externally what that sort of psychological warfare looks like.”

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Top5 Facing Legal Trouble For Music Video Shot From Jail

Toronto rapper Top5, born Hassan Ali, is currently residing in a Canadian prison on a murder charge. Authorities allege that Top5 murdered accounting student Hashim Omar Hashi in 2020. Furthermore, it is believed that Hashi had been mistaken for the man who had killed Top5’s brother Foolish. While living in Los Angeles, Top5 was arrested and extradited to Canada in 2021. Prosecutors have clarified that Top5 is not being charged as the killer but as a passenger in the vehicle from which Hashi was killed.

However, despite being behind bars, Top5 is still finding ways to get in trouble. On June 24, he released the music video for his new song “21 Questions” featuring G Herbo and 6ixbuzz. Additionally, the video appeared to feature footage of Top5 shot inside the jail. Top5 is seen multiple times dancing and rapping in what appears to be his jail cell. The rest of the video was shot by G Herbo and company outside. Obviously, Canadian authorities were not pleased about this when it was brought to their attention.

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Canadian Authorities Launch Investigation Into Top5 Video

The Ontario Solicitor General issued a statement about Top5, after the rapper released the video on June 24. Furthermore, the jail in question appears to be Maplehurst Correctional Complex. “The ministry is aware of an unacceptable incident involving a video posted online that appears to contain images of secure areas of the Maplehurst Correctional Complex,” Hunter Kell, a spokesperson for the Solicitor General, said in a statement.

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Furthermore, Kell continued. “Unauthorized photography of any kind is strictly prohibited inside provincial correctional facilities. The ministry has launched a full investigation into this incident and appropriate action will be taken.” However, it’s unclear what “appropriate action” refers to. However, it appears that the Canadian authorities are taking this breach of prison protocol very seriously. This is a developing story and we’ll have any updates here at HotNewHipHop. What do you think about the situation? Let us know in the comments.


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Afroman And His Crew Detained At U.S.-Canada Border For Weed

Afroman, an iconic rapper from Palmdale, CA, is in a bit of legal hot water while trying to cross the U.S.-Canadian border. He got cited trying to get back stateside over the St. Lawrence River in upstate New York, carrying over $10k in cash and an insignificant amount of marijuana. The “weed” moniker may be a bit misleading; it was actually a bottle of cannabis pain lotion. After five hours and a $500 fine, U.S. Border Patrol Officers released Afroman. (His DJ had cannabis gummies as well, leading him to a $500 fine of his own.)

Funny enough, the rapper gave all of his weed to hotel housekeepers and fans before making the trip back down. He says he forgot about the lotion and his DJ forgot about the gummies. All in all, Afroman declared the cash and the Border Patrol seized the cannabis products. They didn’t arrest anybody because the amount was so small. TMZ asked the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for a comment, but they did not give a statement due to the Privacy Act of 1974.

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Afroman’s History With Hash

The man’s number one song — which recently went certified Platinum — is 2000’s “Because I Got High.” Well-known for being a ganja lover, he obviously dishes out premium weed products to his fans and people helping him with his shows. He also continues to pack theaters and stadiums, recently going past midnight at the Westcott Theater in Syracuse. (Coincidentally, this was the show Afroman was headed to when he got detained at the border.)

This isn’t his first brush with the law and narcotics. Earlier this year, police raided his home for drugs and drug paraphernalia. They didn’t find anything incriminating, but Afroman used the security footage from his house in music videos and on merchandise. Because this was furthering his career, the police got angry and filed a lawsuit against him. Not one to learn a lesson about being careful with drug possession, Afroman will keep living his freewheeling life until the wheels fall off.

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