Dreezy Goes Off Script In Her Clever ‘Beatbox Birthday Freestyle’

Ever since SpotemGottem’s “Beat Box” went viral, rappers have been offering their own freestyles over the beat. Artists like Mulatto, DaBaby, Polo G, and Lil Yachty have recently hopped on the trend. Now, Chicago rapper Dreezy is throwing her hat into the ring with an impressive “Beatbox Birthday Freestyle.”

Taking over a studio, Dreezy lays down her sharp verses over the recognizable sample. The rapper name-drops a number of her contemporaries in the freestyle’s hook, delivering a line about Migos while applauding singer Giveon’s raw talent. “Put this tiger on his wood and now he say he like playing golf / They keep eating up the drip I ain’t even get to taste the sauce / What the f*ck they really on? / Still the best like Giveon,” she raps.

While Dreezy’s “Beatbox Birthday Freestyle” was her take on a viral challenge, it’s also the first bit of music she’s shared so far this year. Other than featuring on Tobi Lou’s “Okay” and dropping a remix of Moneybagg Yo’s viral “Said Sum” in 2020, the last we heard from Dreezy was on her 2019 polished Big Dreez album. Fans have been waiting to hear more of the rapper’s quick-witted flow since the album’s release, so her “Beatbox Birthday Freestyle” came as a nice surprise.

Watch Dreezy’s “Beatbox Birthday Freestyle” above.

Summer Walker Gives Birth & Says She Won’t Share Photos Of Baby Online

There were rumors floating about that Summer Walker and London On Da Track have welcomed their daughter into the world, and Summer just confirmed the news. Social media has witnessed the ups and downs of the couple’s relationship as they prepared for the arrival of their little one. In recent weeks, it seems that they are on better terms, and London and Summer even showed off new photos where they wore matching outfits and cuddled close. There was also an Instagram page that popped up for their daughter “Princess Bubble Gum,” but Summer claims she’s not behind the account.

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to get the jump on creating social media pages for their children before a stranger can, but the singer shared a screenshot of the Instagram page with a message. “So I guess a fan made this made this page but let’s be very clear, there will be no picture of my child on the internet,” Summer wrote over the image. In the caption, she added, “Don’t be sick & obsessed. Let’s respect my privacy.”

On her Instagram Story, she confirmed that she’s given birth. “So let’s all forget I was pregnant & move on with our lives so I can enjoy my little angel in peace [heart eyes emoji][smiling emoji with halo].” Congrats to the happy couple. Check out Summer Walker’s posts below.

Jim Jones Thinks The Music Industry Isn’t Interested In Talent: “They Look For Numbers”

Is the music industry missing out on talent? Jim Jones thinks so. As a veteran artist, Jones has seen various shifts in the Hip Hop scene. Much has changed in the genre since its inception, and with the advent of social media, the entire industry has changed the way it seeks, develops, and promotes talent. During his recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Jones, who often speaks about the ins and outs of the industry, said that he believed labels are more concerned with popularity than actual talent.

Jim Jones, Dipset, Social Media, Music Industry, Talent, Numbers, The Breakfast Club
Mike Stobe / Stringer / Getty Images

“What’s so sad about what’s going on in the music industry [is] they don’t look for talent anymore, they look for numbers,” said the Dipset icon. “That’s scary because you can have the most bullsh*t talent and make the most bullsh*t record, and as long as that record go viral and click a number, there’s a label that’s gon’ give you a sh*tload of money just because of your analytics and your numbers. And they will skip over all the people that got talent that could be the next Michael Jordan or the next Drake or the next Dipset.”

“They skippin’ over all that if you don’t have your numbers and I know that whole-heartedly,” he continued. “That’s one of the things that I definitely would get back to changing in the game if I had the opportunity to get into the music industry as an executive again. ‘Cause we missin’ the talent and I’m not takin’ nothin’ away from no music that’s out there ’cause I like being lit, I like goin’ outside. All this music gives you different feelings but I’m talking about when it comes to making different music and real music and giving people the opportunities that should be in the right spot when it comes to being successful, that’s what I want to dig into.”

Watch Jim Jones’s full interview with The Breakfast Club below and let us know if you agree with him.

Cam’ron Has Blocked At Least 200,000 People On Social Media

With over 2 million followers, it’s expected that Cam’rom has a few people on his blocked list. In a world where millions of people are looking for their viral come up, social media users are exposing all parts of their lives to build their brands. From entertainment icons to celebrity-wannabes to regular folks living their lives, we as a global collective get to get a glimpse into hundreds of strangers’ lives daily, and often, we see just how critical people can be. The Dipset emcee keeps his online space tidy by blocking left and right, and he revealed earlier today (March 26) that his blocked list has entered into the hundreds of thousands.

Cam'ron, Social Media, Blocking, Instagram Story
Kevin Kane / Stringer / Getty Images

Cam’ron shared a piece of advice for his followers on his Instagram Story. “Let me tell y’all something about blocking people,” he began. “‘Cause I got at least, minimum, two hundred thousand something people blocked. Minimum. At least, maybe more than that. Don’t ever feel bad about blocking somebody. It’s your page. It’s your sh*t.”

“Sometimes, people are too opinionated on your sh*t.” The rapper said to envision your social media platforms as if they’re your home. “Somebody come in your house [saying], ‘I don’t like your curtains.’ Okay, okay cool. ‘I don’t really like the furniture.’ Well, get the f*ck out!… Why are you here? You don’t like a bunch of sh*t but you’re still here. It’s crazy.”

“You know what I do? I let a wild comment stay there for a while and then I block everybody who like the comment.” Watch Cam’ron explain his blocking technique below.

Xscape’s LaTocha Scott Defends T.I. & Tiny Against Sexual Assault Allegations

The allegations made against T.I. and Tiny have shocked their fans. It’s reported that over one dozen women have accused the couple of drugging and-or sexual abusing them, and a lawyer has even called for an official investigation. T.I. and Tiny have both vehemently denied the accusations first launched by former friend Sabrina Peterson, and one person who is standing in their corner is Tiny’s Xscape groupmate, LaTocha Scott.

TI, Tiny, Wendy Williams, LaTocha Scott
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

Scott recently appeared on The Wendy Williams Show for a cooking segment and during the chat, the singer was asked about the scandal. “You know what, I hate that this is happening,” said Scott. “That’s my family and I don’t use that word ‘family’ lightly. That’s my sister so I support her and I’m just gonna continue to pray for her and this whole situation.” Wendy wanted to know if the singer believed any of the allegations. “I do not. I know her character and that’s just not her.”

Williams wasn’t letting up and asked if LaTocha thought T.I. was capable of any of the accusations against him. “That’s not his character, as well. They’re good people and I think this whole ordeal has brought them closer together. What we like to do is have family night. I just missed family night Sunday because I was here getting ready for your show.”

“That’s my family and we’re just gonna support them and pray for them. That’s it.” Xscape singer Kandi Burruss also came forward in defense of the couple. You can check out the full cooking segment below.

Sharon Osbourne Leaves “The Talk,” CBS Says Behavior “Did Not Align With Our Values”

Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has spiraled into Sharon Osbourne losing her job. Following the groundbreaking sit-down with the former British Royals, controversial commentator Piers Morgan once again targeted Markle. For years, Morgan has spoken out against Markle for reasons that not many understand other than allegations that she may have ignored his advances years ago. Morgan, who has long been accused of racism, faced backlash for his comments, and soon, The Talk‘s Sharon Osbourne surfaced to defend her friend.

Sharon Osbourne, The Talk, Piers Morgan, MEghan Markle, Sheryl Underwood, Prince Harry
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty Images

Osbourne face backlash of her own and soon, she was angrily yelling at her co-host, Sheryl Underwood, about the controversy. That didn’t bode over well with the public, either, and an investigation was launched by CBS while Osbourne released an apology. On Friday (March 26), the network closed out the week by announcing that Osbourne would be leaving the show, but it doesn’t seem that she’s been fired.

“The events of the March 10 broadcast were upsetting to everyone involved, including the audience watching at home,” reads the statement, according to Deadline. “As part of our review, we concluded that Sharon’s behavior toward her co-hosts during the March 10 episode did not align with our values for a respectful workplace. We also did not find any evidence that CBS executives orchestrated the discussion or blindsided any of the hosts.”

Others came forward to accuse Osbourne of racism toward an Asian-American co-host. CBS further says in their statement that during The Talk‘s hiatus (until April 12), they’ll be working with their staff in workshops on how to better handle situations such as this.


Wendy Williams Predicts Bobby Shmurda Will Be Back In Jail Soon


Talk show host Wendy Williams still knows how to start rap beef. Just days after she triggered NBA YoungBoy‘s mother and Boosie Badazz with her commentary on the troubled Louisiana rapper, Wendy has the Internet on her case over Brooklyn artist Bobby Shmurda. Wendy Williams Doesn’t Have Much Faith In Bobby Shmurda Bobby Shmurda recently […]

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Naomi Osaka Reveals How Cordae Held Her Down During Career Moment


East Coast rapper Cordae is proving that he’ll go above and beyond for his ride or die tennis star girlfriend Naomi Osaka. The Maryland native jumped on a plane immediately after a call with Osaka where she mentioned feeling lonely during the U.S. Open finals. Cordae Supports Naomi Osaka Naomi went to her Instagram page […]

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Bow Wow Gives Soulja Boy His Flowers: “Definitely Changed The Game In Hip Hop”

It undeniable that Soulja Boy has deeply influenced Rap culture, and all he wants is to be appreciated for his contribution. In recent months, Soulja Boy has taken to social media to remind the world that when it comes to many of the waves that we’ve enjoyed in Rap, he was the first—or one of the firsts—to do them. Early in his career, Soulja managed to navigate social media unlike any other artist as he created viral moments that helped launch him into popularity. Recently, Drake gave Bow Wow his flowers and praise, causing Soulja Boy to call out the OVO icon.

Bow Wow, Soulja Boy, Drake, Flowers, Hollywood Unlocked
Ben Rose / Contributor / Getty Images

Although Soulja took aim at Drake, Hollywood Unlocked wanted to know if Bow Wow took it as a diss to his legacy. Bow and Soulja are friends, so Bow Wow didn’t interpret Souja’s comments as disrespectful. “If it was like that he could’ve called me. We talk. It’s nothing for him to call me,” said Bow. “You know how I looked at it? I looked at it like, the sh*t that I’ve been wanting and fighting for so long for me, for cats to start playing with my legacy and my name, it’s finally happening without me really having to ask for it.”

“I just felt that Soulja wants his flowers,” Bow Wow continued. “The same way how I’m getting mine now, I feel like—you saw me with Drizzy and he said what he said… It’s just a feeling that you want but you don’t really have to go ask for it. I never asked for it. I wanted it, bad, like stop playing with me. That’s how I felt behind closed doors.”

Soulja Boy, Bow Wow, Drake, Hollywood Unlocked
Marcus Ingram / Stringer / Getty Images

Bow praised Soulja Boy and said he “Definitely changed the game in Hip Hop” in various ways. “From a viral level, from social media, from YouTube,” said the rapper. He spoke about how Soulja influenced the culture to the point that people emulated what he did and shifted the way social media was used by artists.

“Soulja, he created that lane. He was the first big digital internet sensation that we saw,” Bow added. Check out the clip of Bow Wow on Hollywood Unlocked and let us know if you think he’s speaking the truth.

Also, make sure to check out our article How Bow Wow Paved The Way For Drake’s Career.

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Moneybagg Yo And Future Spoil Their Partners In The Opulent ‘Hard For The Next’ Video

Moneybagg Yo teamed up with Future to show fans that they don’t need to be shy about spoiling their partners. The two shared their joint track “Hard For The Next” alongside a luxurious video, which sees Moneybagg Yo showering his girlfriend Ari Fletcher with all the gifts she could ever need.

Alongside the track’s release, Moneybagg Yo chatted with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about his upcoming LP, which he said features a collaboration with Jhené Aiko:

“I approached it like I was just going in here to rap. I’m not going in her to make no choruses, I’m not going in here starting out with hooks first, I’m not finna get opinions, I’m just going in and rapping what’s on my mind. That’s what I did. When you hear this album, it’s going to touch you in different ways.”

Based on the luxurious gifts (and Jeep-turned-speed boat) seen in Moneybagg Yo’s video, he’s clearly doing well for himself. But flaunting his wealth actually recently got the rapper in some hot water. Moneybagg Yo has seen a fair amount of success over the past year, which has led him to have a pretty skewed view of the pandemic. Back in February, the rapper tweeted that he didn’t want the pandemic to end because he had made millions. “I feel like the pandemic help a lot of people,” he said. Of course, he later apologized for his statements, saying “my comment was very insensitive it was not my intent to hurt anyone.”

Watch Future and Moneybagg Yo’s “Hard For The Next” video above.